Why Suns trading for rumored sharpshooter only creates more questions

Monty Williams, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Monty Williams, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns continue to be linked with trade possibilities, with the latest wing consideration seemingly adding to the Suns’ woes rather than curing them.

According to Kevin O’Connor at the Ringer, several players are still on the trade radar for the Phoenix Suns, with one of the most prominent names being Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Atlanta Hawks. On the surface, the 30-year-old Serbian wing fits in well with the Suns’ style, but likely, Bogdanovic brings more of what Phoenix already has — injury question marks.

Bogdanovic has some of what the Suns need

Now in his sixth year in the NBA, Bogdanovic has performed consistently over his five seasons in Sacramento and Atlanta. A good-sized wing at 6’6”, the Serb is going to bring about 15 points and 3-4 rebounds and assists each night, assuming he gets close to 30 minutes.

Bogdanovic is a career 38.4% three-point shooter and has attempted at least seven a game each of the last three seasons.

Whether or not Bogdan would get the minutes needed to reach those numbers is debatable. However, as a wing who can put the ball on the floor and create, not relying solely on three-point shots, it would add value to the Suns’ rotation.

Injuries make Bogdanovic a high-risk asset

The biggest question with Bogdanovic is the same one the Suns are facing with Cameron Johnson. How well is he going to recover from knee surgery? Johnson had meniscus surgery and is expected back in the new year. Bogdanovic had knee surgery on his patella tendon in June and has not yet returned.

With Chris Paul also limited, injuries are already impacting the Suns. Counting on two players returning from knee surgery in Johnson and Bogdanovic does not make sense.

Complicating Bogdanovic’s recovery is his injury history in general.

While he has avoided major issues like an ACL injury, Bogdan has never played a full 82 games and has not played more than 63 in any of the last three seasons. Still waiting to play this season, we are still determining if Bogdanovic will be healthy enough to contribute to the Hawks, the Suns, or any team this season.

Pre-surgery, this was a trade that may have made sense. Given the risk associated with a player coming off a major knee operation, Phoenix would be wise to find a different wing than Bogdanovic. We know Jae Crowder has to be moved at some point, but this is not the move to make.

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