Nike Phoenix Suns City Edition gear available now

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Phoenix Suns City Edition gear from Nike is now live at Fanatics. Act fast if you want to secure some new gear – because it’s selling fast.

Every year, basketball fans get hyped to see teases and leaks of new jerseys/uniforms for their favorite teams. It was no different this year and now we’ve officially seen Nike’s Phoenix Suns City Edition uniforms.

In fact, they’re available to order now at Fanatics. 

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As you can see, these are great looking. For more on the design, check out this write up from NBA’s LockerVision:

“Arizona is home to 22 indigenous tribes. From the Kaibab Paiute to the North and the Pascua Yaqui to the South, from the Navajo, the most populous, to the Tonto Apache, the smallest. The Phoenix Suns, Arizona’s first professional team, and the 22 tribes that have called this region home for thousands of years have a shared respect for family, community, and environment, and a common love for basketball.

“With the introduction of the Phoenix Suns 2022-23 City Edition uniform, the Phoenix Suns will celebrate Native American cultures and the passion for the game of basketball that connects us. The uniform’s turquoise base color represents the protection stone or living stone, which has special meaning to the indigenous tribes that call Arizona home.

“The Suns primary “Sunburst” logo is centered on the chest of the jersey. The red trim of the jersey represents the color of the land and soil found across the state. The side panels feature a traditional stairstep pattern commonly depicted in regional indigenous art. The side panel is bordered by a black tape feature the direct translation for “the sun” from all 22 tribal nations of Arizona. The shorts carry the same side panel and black tape from the jersey. The belt buckle features a new logo featuring the PHX wordmark and a basketball surrounded by 22 feathers to represent the tribal nations that call Arizona home. The feathers are colored red, yellow, white and black to align with the traditional “medicine wheel” which has importance to indigenous communities across North American and represents the four directions and cycles of life. While the waistband features a pattern and design inline with sashes worn in traditional regalia worn by some of the tribal nations in the region. The shorts also feature 22 arrowheads along the hem line as another nod to the tribal nations of Arizona.”

The jerseys themselves are available now at Fanatics for $119.99.

However, if you’re not in the market for a new jersey, you’ve got some other options available. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, slides and more are all available now.

But you know the drill. These won’t last very long. They sell out incredibly quick and you don’t want to find yourself waiting for a restock.

So check out Fanatics today to order your new City Edition merchandise. 

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