3 aspects to focus on for Phoenix Suns media day

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

With plenty happening at the Phoenix Suns over the offseason, Monday will provide fans with their first major response from key figures within the organization.

While it would be hoped that the majority of questions will remain with what’s going to happen on the floor in 2022-23, there’s multiple off-court storylines that will be discussed and subsequently dissected based on responses.

There’s been no shortage of drama surrounding the Phoenix Suns this offseason, leading to an intriguing media day ahead on Monday.

Here are three storylines that’ll be of significant interest, particularly in regard to how players position themselves on these topics.

1. Jae Crowder

It’s official. The veteran forward won’t be at training camp as player and franchise work on a trade deal. How we’ve got to this point is fascinating, and fans should be given further clarification on Monday. Crowder has already given his version, though it remains somewhat cryptic.

Secondly, do we get confirmation that Cameron Johnson is simply the Suns new starting power-forward? If that isn’t established, then perhaps that indicates something on the horizon from a trade standpoint, given the lack of alternative options currently on the roster.

Robert Sarver

Media day interviews have already begun for opposition teams, with some players being asked about the Sarver situation in Phoenix. Finals MVP Stephen Curry emphatically stated that “the outcome was exactly what should have happened.”

How Phoenix players respond will be fascinating – An opposition player like Curry has freewheel to share his honest opinion, while Suns players may rightfully feel constrained by the fact Sarver remains their employer for the moment.

Deandre Ayton

Lost in the wash of the Crowder and Sarver storylines, Ayton’s precarious relationship with the franchise has been a subject that’s began wandering into the sunset.

Hopefully that remains, that both sides move forward without any ill-feelings from contract negotiations and his benching at the end of last season’s playoff disaster. However, there’ll most certainly be further questions about it, and of Ayton’s game itself following concerns on his preparation and work ethic.

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You can watch Suns media day on the NBA’s livestream here from 9am Pacific time on Monday.