Phoenix Suns should decline two proposed free agent signings

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns are still examining areas to upgrade their roster, not content with where it took them in this year’s playoffs.

The point-guard position is certainly an area that’s been discussed and dissected regularly, while any team can always do with more help and versatility on the wing. One area that seems set though is the center position, with that having already been solidified earlier in free agency.

While two remaining free agents may still have value at the NBA level, that shouldn’t be with the Phoenix Suns given their range of big man options already on the roster.

The Suns re-signed starting big man Deandre Ayton on a four-year, $133 million deal, while they also traded for Australian big man Jock Landale. With Bismack Biyombo and the returning Dario Saric also contracted, it would seem illogical for the Suns to add a fifth big man to their roster.

Still, two NBA writers believe that James Jones and the front office should look at some more notable options. Firstly, Sports Illustrated’s Ben Stinar thinks the Suns should consider seven-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge, believing his combination with Chris Paul could from a serious offensive asset.

"“The Suns could utilize him a bench role, but also have him play on the floor at the same time as Chris Paul. The pairing of Aldridge and Paul even at their ages would make for a very solid pick and pop”, Stinar writes."

Phoenix Suns, LaMarcus Aldridge
Phoenix Suns, LaMarcus Aldridge. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

While Aldridge made a nice return to the Brooklyn Nets last season, the reality is that he’s 37 years of age. Given his lack of speed and lateral quickness, he’s now pigeonholed to the center position rather than as a power-forward where he’s spent most of his career.

Stinar is correct in that Aldridge still possesses offensive capabilities that can be utilised in certain situations. He does deserve another season somewhere in the league, but it shouldn’t be at the Suns given Saric could provide much of the same skillset.

NBA Analysis Network has also proposed another high-profile big man, suggesting the Suns could be a landing spot for Hassan Whiteside. Again, the potential pairing with Paul was considered as a primary reason.

"“Signing a center of Whiteside’s capabilities makes trading Ayton away an easier pill to swallow. Chris Paul has been known to elevate the play of pick-and-roll partners, and Whiteside could experience a late-career explosion playing alongside one of the most gifted passers of all time”."

Chris Paul and Hassan Whiteside, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Chris Paul and Hassan Whiteside, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /

Firstly, if the Suns were to trade Ayton after he becomes eligible to do so, they wouldn’t want to be left with Whiteside as their starter. But again, like Aldridge, he probably showed enough with the Utah Jazz last season to warrant another contract.

However, from a Suns perspective, what kind of assurance is there that Whiteside would be a better alternative to Biyombo? Is that potential upgrade worth adding him to the roster? Probably not.

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The Suns should still be exploring what options are available over a month into free agency, but it’s fair to say these two experienced big men are not what they need in their quest to become a championship team.