Phoenix Suns 2 Free Agents to Sign who will Elevate Devin Booker

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker entered the NBA as a hot commodity to begin with. Equipped with a scoreboard-breaking offensive arsenal and a high-game IQ, he resembled a home run NBA prospect on nearly every team’s radar from day one.

But even as Booker put on flashy scoring displays night after night and solidified himself as one of those “stars of tomorrow,” things grew difficult as time went on in his pro career. The star guard’s reputation underwent some damage during his middle years as his team failed to compete for anything other than draft position.

Then, it all changed in a flash.

After an 8-0 bubble run, some help from Chris Paul, a year of NBA MVP chatter, and two straight runs to the playoffs, including one going as far as the NBA Finals, Booker’s stock skyrocketed—and has shown no signs of coming back down.

But even with Booker having launched himself into orbit these past two years, there’s more to unlock for him. Call it intergalactic travel if you will, but Booker can venture out even further with the elevation of his game.

At just 25 years old and naturally with ample room to grow, time and experience promise to improve Booker’s game before anything. But in adding to that, a few complementary role players might help assist him in his growth as well.

NBA free agency has sung its swan song for the most part with its opening month having passed at this point, but some valuable options still exist on the market, such as these two who can help Booker reach new heights.