Could this surprising player unlock a Kevin Durant trade for the Phoenix Suns?

The Phoenix Suns continue to be linked to Brooklyn Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant, after the two-time MVP requested a trade at the beginning of the month.

But after the re-signing of Deandre Ayton, the Suns’ capacity to acquire Durant is now limited in the short-term.

Could the Phoenix Suns make a seismic shift by trading their most experienced player in a Kevin Durant deal?

Locked on Suns host and Suns writer Brendon Kleen has discussed the potential of point-guard Chris Paul being involved in a possible trade for Durant.

Speaking earlier in the week, Kleen considered the idea of a third team getting involved, assuming the Nets wouldn’t have any interest in the 12-time All-Star.

“Do you think that there’s any chance that Chris Paul is the guy that goes out in a Kevin Durant deal? Is it possible at all that we’re not even noticing that and it could happen?

With some free-agent point-guards still available, Kleen contemplated the thought of acquiring one to fill the vacant role should Paul be moved in a Durant trade.

“Just from a team-building standpoint, if you were able to keep some of the other guys (Crowder, Bridges, Johnson) and then you get Dennis Schroder to be your starter”.

The issue here is that Paul would likely have to be included on top of at least two of Bridges, Crowder and Johnson. Not only because the Nets would want way more value, but also because Durant is set to make $16 million more than Paul next season.

Kleen did go onto state that trading Paul would be ‘ridiculous’, even if Durant were the one coming back the other way.

“The reason it’s ridiculous is you can’t disrespect Chris Paul like that after everything he’s done for this team, the way he took a bit less money last year”.

The idea of trading the 37-year-old was analysed in recent days, with the evaluation that, given his increased value at the Suns compared to elsewhere, any deal was extremely unlikely to occur.

Paul was an All-Star again least season but struggled as the playoffs progressed, averaging less than ten points in the last five games of the Suns’ second-round series against the Dallas Mavericks.