3 Former Chris Paul Teammates for Phoenix Suns to Sign 2022 Offseason

Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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When you fall flat on your face, it’s easier to pop back up and dust yourself off with some old friends by your side to help you out. Just a few weeks ago, the Phoenix Suns took quite the tumble, exiting the 2022 NBA playoffs far earlier than anyone expected.

With the Suns gone from the picture, the Golden State Warriors marched through the Western Conference and then through the Boston Celtics to win their fourth title in the past eight seasons. Being Phoenix’s primary rival for much of last season, they simultaneously kicked the Suns while they were down when hoisting the Larry O’Brien.

But luckily for the Suns, very few NBA players have more “old friends” to help the team get back up than their point guard in Chris Paul.

Whenever possible, NBA team’s feature their stars while trying to reel in valuable free agents during the offseason. It remains just one of the many reasons we call the NBA a “player’s league” nowadays.

But after you count out LeBron James, or LeGM in this case, Paul feels like the league’s next best player-to-player recruiter. He resembles a nifty salesman of sorts for James Jones to deploy, especially for this Suns team which needs to improve this offseason in order to avoid crashing and burning once again.

With the Point God at the negotiating table, Phoenix will want to reach out to these three guys this offseason. Both due to their familiarity with Paul and their skills on the court, they resemble ideal additions for Phoenix to get the ball rolling once again.