Phoenix Suns Fan Guide to the 2022 NBA Finals

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns
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Who are Phoenix Suns Fans Rooting for in the 2022 NBA Finals?

Given Phoenix’s rivalry with the Golden State Warriors this year, but also the abundance of winning Boston sports teams have enjoyed over the past two decades and the sometimes repulsive behavior of their fans, this NBA Finals matchup feels like a double-edged sword—and not in a good way.

From a general basketball standpoint, neither team resembles one of those “cinderella story” squads looking to hoist the Larry O’Brien for the first time. With that, neither team promises to attract fans by the masses this week.

For the majority, meaning everyone outside of New England or Cali, this year’s NBA Finals resemble a lose-lose situation.

However, it appears that home-grown hatred trumps all else. With the Warriors being Phoenix’s main adversary in the West all season, Suns fans seem to be praying on their downfall far more than Boston’s.

While these poll results might exhibit how Suns fans plan to watch The Finals right now, they remain subject to change. Many have forgotten at this point, but Marcus Smart nearly ended Steph Curry’s entire season just prior to the postseason on a rough play.

Although Curry stated did not believe Smart intended to hurt him, many did not take a liking to his play on the ball all the same. Doing anything that even partially resembles purposefully injuring another player can bring the boo birds out for you no matter your fan allegiance.

All basketball fans will want to keep an eye out for how chippy this one gets, and if things get crazy, don’t be surprised to see people begin jumping ship.