Should the Phoenix Suns Break Mikal Bridges’s Streak?

Phoenix Suns, Mikal Bridges. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns, Mikal Bridges. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports /

The race toward the 2022 NBA Playoffs is now well under way, with many teams jockeying for playoff seeding. Aside from our Phoenix Suns, several other teams continue to trade positions.

The Boston Celtics look red hot right now as they continue ascending through the East and Golden State Warriors are trying to stay above the four seed slot after losing Steph Curry. The Miami Heat look well off, as do the Memphis Grizzlies—while the Brooklyn Nets are trying to dance out of the play-in tournament.

But then there’s the Suns, who without Chris Paul, have only inflated their lead in the West. They sit just one game away from locking up the conference, and possess a solid shot to break their team win record.

With Paul now potentially coming back this week, while Jae Crowder and Cameron Johnson keep progressing in practice, the Suns look well positioned to enter the playoffs at full strength.

So, since the Suns will have the top seed secured with a couple weeks left, should they start resting players? Devin Booker and Paul both missed time this season with injuries, so some extra run might benefit them

But what about Mikal Bridges? We all know the Villanova product is an NBA iron man having never missed a game before, but should Phoenix break that streak? Bridges averages over 35 minutes per game—which puts him near the top of the league. He even played 50 minutes against the Sacramento Kings earlier this week.

This is an old debate in sports, rust vs rest. Do you rest your players and give them time to get their legs underneath them, or play as you normally would to prevent “rust” any build up of this rust?

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Bridges has played amazing on both ends of the floor this year and worked as a catalyst for Phoenix after the injuries started piling up. But still, giving him a game or two off for rest would not be the worst thing in the world if it meant a full-strength Warden on the court, under the postseason’s bright light.