3 Phoenix Suns Unsung Heroes Stepping Up with Chris Paul Injured

Phoenix Suns, Landry Shamet, Jae Crowder. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns, Landry Shamet, Jae Crowder. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports /
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Phoenix Suns, Aaron Holiday
Phoenix Suns, Aaron Holiday. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Phoenix Suns Unsung Heroes Post All-Star Break: Aaron Holiday

The Suns brought the youngest Holiday brother over from the Washington Wizards in a trade at the deadline. His former team only got back cash considerations and a trade exception in the deal. Clearly, Suns fans feel happy with their end of this exchange.

But Holiday also came to the Suns at the perfect time. His arrival has softened the blow of Chris Paul’s injury. Holiday’s efficiency remains impressive for a guy still getting accustomed to a new system as well.

Since coming over to the Suns, Holiday finds himself averaging 17.8 minutes per game with a 54.8 effective field goal percent. He hit the ground running, and already proved himself to be a much better fit for the Suns than their original third-string point guard in Elfird Payton.

The signing of Payton has not panned out the way Phoenix hopefuls were wishing it to, as Payton recently fell out of the rotation. Naturally, this decision from Monty Williams to replace Payton minutes with Holiday minutes has been vital to Phoenix’s success over these last eight games.

Payton’s abysmal 25.0 percent shooting from deep represents the main reason for his minimal playing time, and Holiday’s aforementioned numbers dwarf these figures from Payton.

Holiday’s defense deserves praise as well. If you disagree, just ask his NBA champion brother, Jrue. Aaron took him as an assignment multiple in the team’s March 6th loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, and proved himself just as tough as his older brother.