3 Buyout Candidates the Phoenix Suns Should Avoid at all Costs

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports /
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Phoenix Suns, Tomáš Satoranský.
Phoenix Suns, Tomáš Satoranský. Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports /

Phoenix Suns Buyout Candidates to Avoid: Tomás Satoranský

“You can never have too much shooting,” is perhaps the most widely accepted thought in the modern NBA, with teams and individual players breaking 3-point records left and right with each passing season.

But while long-range shooting indeed remains an important aspect of today’s game, those that pull-up from beyond the arc in an inefficient manner can be twice as detrimental. As someone who frequently does that, Tomas Satoranský represents a buyout candidate who the Suns need to distance themselves from as much as possible.

Despite shooting 36.6 percent from deep on 1.9 attempts per game coming into this season, Satoranský looks lost this year, shooting just 16.1 percent from three while averaging one attempt per game.

His efficiency has plummeted, as has his confidence, making him not only an inadequate shooter, but even someone no longer capable of stretching the floor. With the Suns being a hot, quick-trigger team, Satoranský would stick out like a sore thumb and disrupt their offensive flow.

Satoranský does excel as a facilitator though, averaging 5.7 assists per 36 minutes this year. But teams typically only need one of those on the floor at once as opposed to shooters, and any possession where Satoransky runs the offense rather than Chris Paul, Devin Booker, or even Cameron Payne would be like driving a Ford Fiesta to work and keeping a Mercedes in the garage.

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No matter how you look at it, Satoranský and the Suns simply do not make sense. As a serviceable but a low-end combo guard, Jones should let more needy teams go after him and turn his focus elsewhere.