3 Buyout Candidates the Phoenix Suns Should Avoid at all Costs

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports /
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Even with it now more than a week in the past, everyone still seems to be catching their breaths from the last second sprint that was the 2022 NBA trade deadline. Although the Phoenix Suns made a flurry of moves, several other teams made mind-blowing roster alterations, switching up the entire NBA landscape in a matter of hours.

But even with this earth-shattering event having come and gone, another mid-season fire sale still awaits the league at large—one which will not wait for us to prepare ourselves for either. Of course, I’m referring to the NBA buyout period.

With so many NBA GMs hoping to sign the few notable free agents likely to have their contracts dissolved this week, everyone is after the same one or two guys. It’s almost as if they could all carpool together to this auction of sorts.

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers can sit in the passenger’s seat, while Brooklyn Nets head honcho Sean Marks can buckle up in the back. If he can fit, Rob Pelinka and his lowly Los Angeles Lakers can squeeze into the trunk as well.

Driving this car, of course you’ll find Suns GM James Jones, moving down street with the windows rolled back and that “making my way downtown” song blasting through his speakers. Having already assembled a 48-win team, he gets to approach this buyout market as relaxed as anyone.

On the contrary, everyone else in the car will likely be sprinting around like crazed Black Friday shoppers once arriving. As they all desperately hunt for additional players to purchase, Jones can calmly stroll from isle to isle, just browsing, knowing full well of all the talent he already has stashed back at home.

In his buyout approach, Jones needs to be skeptical and look at each potential signee with a microscope to avoid spoiling the team’s mojo. But even before doing that, he can scratch these three names off his shopping list, as they appear more likely to compromise this Suns team rather than elevate it.