4 Ideal Buyout Candidates for the Phoenix Suns to Go After

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Phoenix Suns, Gary Harris
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Phoenix Suns Buyout Candidate: Gary Harris

After establishing himself as a promising 3-and-D player with the Denver Nuggets during the 2017-18 season, Gary Harris began to stagnate and decline soon after.

While Harris still resembled a decent point-of-attack defender after his falloff, his 3-point shooting really went south. The former Spartan shot 33.6 percent from deep from 2018-2020, despite shooting above 40.0 percent on 5.0 attempts per game during the two seasons prior.

At last year’s trade deadline, the Nuggets naturally wanted him gone and managed to stuff him into their package for Aaron Gordon, which sent him to the Orlando Magic.

But in taking up a larger offensive role in Orlando, Harris today looks rejuvenated especially on offense. His 3-point stroke looks pristine once again, as he finds himself shooting over 38.0 percent from deep.

A percentage like that will make whoever’s putting it up look valuable to any team, but it’s actually where Harris is hitting those triples that makes him an ideal fit for the Suns.

As a team that moves the ball as well as anyone, Phoenix frequently finds their shooters for good looks often at the corner or on catch-and-shoot opportunities, where Harris is shooting 40.5 percent and 46.1 percent.

The Suns could also use some additional rim pressure from their guards and wings, where Harris also excels. This year with Orlando, his adjusted rim field goal percentage sits at 66.0 percent while ranking in the 79th percentile for attempts on such shots.

Harris’s cutting and passing abilities also make him a seamless fit within Phoenix’s motion offense. His defense will only make the Suns that much stronger on the opposite end as well.

With his contract expiring and the Magic looking to rebuild, it makes all the sense in the world to buy him out, and it makes all the sense in the world for Phoenix to go after him.