3 Phoenix Suns New Year’s Resolutions to Chase After in 2022

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images) /
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Almost no other NBA team experienced a better calendar year than the Phoenix Suns. After turning their franchise around with some young talent and successfully laying claim to the Western Conference, Phoenix can look back at their Spotify “wrapped” or snap memories from 2021 and smile fondly.

Some marquee moments include Deandre Ayton’s “Valley-Oop” finish during the Western Conference Semifinals, Cameron Johnson’s spartan NBA Finals dunk over PJ Tucker, and more recently, the team’s 18-game winning streak.

Most importantly though, the Suns found a way to make their fans proud again—something which seemed like an impossible task for over a decade, and now feels fantastic to enter the new year with.

But even after all that, the Suns cannot just kick their feet up and relax from here on out just because they find themselves better off than they once were. That attitude will not put a Larry O’Brien trophy in their hands, nor would it comply with the team culture which got them this far to begin with.

With a large chunk of their roster locked up in health and safety protocols right now, getting healthy must remain the team’s main objective from this point forward. The Suns need their guys back before setting their eyes on anything else, and a recent loss to the Boston Celtics sure made that clear.

But aside from the obvious, if the Suns manage to check off a few new boxes in 2022 to make good on these three resolutions, they can accomplish even greater feats as a team.