Phoenix Suns Players as Spider-Man: No Way Home Characters

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

With COVID-19 rummaging through the NBA once again, we need something fun, uplifting, and easy to laugh at now more than ever. Yes, the Phoenix Suns remain somewhat unaffected by this new spike in exposures/positive tests (knock on wood), but nonetheless, the past few days have felt quite cloudy for basketball fans in general.

Earlier this week though, Marvel released its highly anticipated film Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought some much needed positive energy into the fold. It earned a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and celebrated the wall-crawling character in a way unlike anything ever seen before.

Featuring a star studded cast who played characters stretching all across the Marvel cinematic universe as well as some former Spidey films, a wide array of looks, personalities, and superpowers were on display. Matching them up with our favorite Suns, here are counterparts from the film for a few players.


Phoenix Suns Players as Spider-Man: No Way Home Characters

Jae Crowder – Doctor Strange

Strange’s main objective during this movie is to protect the world from multi-versal threats. As a defensive leader for the Suns, Crowder does the same thing for his team, locking things down and protecting the opposite end of the floor.

As a 3-point bomber as well, Crowder can deal out his own damage in a hurry, much like Strange with his endless variety of spells. Also like Strange in the movie, Crowder is not necessarily “the guy” in Phoenix, but he still plays an integral role and stands largely responsible for how his team performs. A glue guy, but a powerful one nonetheless, Crowder gets the “master of the mystic arts” title.

Cameron Payne – Electro

Nobody energizes the Suns like Cameron Payne. Working like a sparkplug off the bench, his pop and energy reflects that of Electro’s superpowers from this latest Spider-Man flick.

As a guy who needed to go play overseas for some time, Payne also went through a journey just like Electro’s. Obviously, he never got tangled up with some genetically enhanced electric eels, but he too went from more or less “being a nobody,” to someone with what now looks like limitless power.

Cameron Johnson – Sandman 

With his size and speed, Cameron Johnson can be everywhere at once, just like the Sandman. Able to play several positions, he often resembles the team’s most versatile player, which also feels similar to how the Sandman operates with his endless shapeshifting abilities.

Watching Johnson dash around the court feels like watching Flint Marco travel around town as a sand storm. He never plays around, and swallows up his opponents all the time with his lengthy frame.

Jalen Smith – Doctor Octopus

With his long reach and trademark goggles, Jalen Smith looks more like Doctor Octopus than perhaps any other NBA player right now. Although he might not be one of the country’s brightest scientists, he did major in information science at Maryland, which must count for something.

Mikal Bridges – Matt Murdock/Daredevil

He only appeared for one scene during the film, but Matt Murdock quickly showed off the skills that make him Marvel’s Daredevil, reaching around and catching a flying brick headed for Aunt May without even flinching.

Those fast hands look just like the ones Mikal Bridges uses to come away with steals for the Suns every night. His situational awareness goes unmatched, which makes him the team’s most skilled defender.

JaVale McGee – Eddie Brock/Venom

Appearing for a post-credit scene, Eddie Brock technically makes an appearance during this movie. Like the man-eating antihero, McGee possesses a monster-like frame that allows him to intimidate everyone around him. His athleticism even with his size makes him look like a symbiote-enhanced being. His fun approach to the game also matches up with Venom’s witty one-liners.

Chris Paul – Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)

As a real hero for this team, but an older one, Chris Paul leads the Suns as their rugged and more experienced superstar. His organic web shooters are flawless, as they allow him to dribble around with the ball seemingly on a string. His game also reeks of mid-2000s nostalgia with his patented midrange shot and isolation skills.

Devin Booker – Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield)

Devin Booker also soars around and saves this team night after night, filling out another Spider-Man suit for the Suns. Redeeming himself by saving MJ during the movie, you could argue that Garfield’s Spider-Man made the clutchest play of the game, and Booker does that night in and night out for Phoenix with his big time shots.

Also like Garfield’s version of the hero, Booker has been around for a while, but still finds himself in the prime of his career. He could already fill dozens of comic book pages with his storied past, but still has a bright future.

Deandre Ayton – Spider-Man (Tom Holland)

As Phoenix’s third star, but a younger player still growing and learning from both Paul and Booker, Ayton rounds out the Spider-verse as the latest version of Marvel’s web slinger. Time after time though, he makes you forget about his age. No matter the moment, Ayton always shows up. He is “that guy” and you trust him, even with his minimal experience.

Scott Foster – J. Jonah Jameson

This man just hates fun, and although he does not reside on the Suns roster, he fits the J. Jonah Jameson person all too well to not include on this list. Foster always gives the Suns trouble, especially Chris Paul, who owns a 2-15 record during playoff games officiated by him.

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Hopefully Doctor Strange, or Jae Crowder in this case wipes his mind like what happened during the movie’s final act, allowing the Suns to move on from him unbothered.