Phoenix Suns: Chris Paul Glad it’s Not a “Seven Game Season”

Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

“Thank God it’s not a 7-game season something Chris Paul echoed after the Phoenix Suns’ team practice on Thursday.

To start the season 1-3, while not ideal, should not be something where the “world feels like it’s crumbling.” This is especially true after the fact their last loss came on a buzzer beater 3-pointer that Harrison Barnes of the Sacramento Kings drilled as the clock struck “:00.0”.

That doesn’t mean there are not questions that need addressing. That’s why when the Suns finished their Thursday practice, the player the media relations staff made available was none other than the man that has experienced the highs and lows of an NBA season (17 of them to be exact) more than any player on their roster: Chris Paul.

Let’s start broad from a team perspective – What have the Suns lacked to start the year?

"“Execution. Our defense we haven’t been consistent. I think most people would probably overreact though except for us… Trying to stay tie together and keep building with this team.”"

Okay well how about personally? How can you get back on track after a poor couple games and a 1-10 FG shooting performance last time out?

"“1-10? Oh (explicit) man. I don’t know. I missed. I don’t even really think none of it. I’m just getting ready for Cleveland.”"

Wait – You didn’t know you went 1-10 FG?

"“Nah. I think I’m at a point now where I get passed it. It’s like the wins and the losses. It’s about how we’re playing. I tell the guys all the time that I’ve been on teams that won 17 games in a row before (2012-13 Los Angeles Clippers and 2017-18 Houston Rockets). You can be winning and stuff not right. You could be losing and still figuring it out. When you play for a long period of time, at some point it fizzles out. I learned to not overreact game to game.”"

Last game Monty Williams pulled you out with 6:55 left in it when the team was trailing by double-digits, in a sense activating “Book Mode”. How would he assess Monty Williams’ decisions on when to leave him in versus take him out?

"“It’s trust. Coach knows me. He knows I want to play. I’m also feeling the rhythm of the game. Whatever is going to help us win I’m with it.”"

Speaking of D-Book, what has it been like to see his growth?

"“It’s cool to see man. Book is like an old soul. I remember when I brought my son to practice one day and we pulled in. Soon as he saw the old school (car) he was like ‘Book’s here!’. Book is like a brother to me man. So, to see him growing in all of the different ways that he is, I’m happy for him because he deserves it.”"

Let’s move on to Saturday night’s opponent the Cleveland Cavaliers- What have your impressions been of them?

"“I ain’t see too many games from them, but I know them. I know the guys and they are more than capable. I know Collin (Sexton) really well. I’ve known Darius (Garland) for a long time. They got some dynamic guards and (Lauri) Markkanen, Jarrett Allen, young fella (Evan) Mobley so it’s going to be tough.”"

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The Suns will get a chance to get back on track when they matchup with the Cavaliers Saturday night at Footprint Center in Phoenix.