Phoenix Suns: 3 Things to Watch for in Final Preseason Game vs Portland

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /
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The Phoenix Suns are not just knocking on the regular season’s door, but hammering their fists at it right now.

With their crushing loss during the NBA Finals still seeping as an open wound, they want nothing more than to redeem themselves. A fresh NBA season grants them that opportunity, and tipoff lies just one week away.

But before the show begins, the Suns need to run through a final tune-up contest vs the Portland Trail Blazers. Like the Suns, Portland strikes as a competitive team ahead the 2021-22 season, likely to attain a playoff spot and with their eyes on making a deep run after.

During their first preseason game against the Golden State Warriors, the Blazers ran with their starting five for a few minutes, but cautiously kept them vaulted during their second contest. The Suns approached their games against the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings with a fairly similar strategy, resting veteran starters Chris Paul and Jae Crowder for one game, but allowing everyone to play for a little bit soon after.

But aside from shaking off any rust, getting through the preseason without any injuries remains the most primary goal for any NBA team, or professional sports organization for that matter.

By this standard, Phoenix and Portland split paths. Against the Warriors, the Blazers saw Norman Powell leave early with hip discomfort and Cody Zeller break his nose after taking an elbow from Andre Iguodala. However, the Suns experienced no serious injury setbacks across their three contests. Of course though, feel free to knock on some wood ahead this last game if you think that might help.

Either way, this preseason finale shapes up as a battle oozing with potential entertainment, even despite its nature as a game that “doesn’t even count.”