Phoenix Suns: 2 Reasons the Suns Are Better than the Utah Jazz in 2021-22

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Phoenix Suns vs Utah Jazz: The Suns Fixed Up Their Issues Better this Offseason

Both the Suns and Jazz saw glaring flaws lead to their demises during the playoffs last year. With Dario Saric hurt and Deandre Ayton frequently falling into foul trouble, the Milwaukee Bucks ripped them apart inside, taking them down during four straight games. For the Jazz, Rudy Gobert’s inability to defend the paint and pop out on shooters allowed LA’s small ball lineup to blitz them from deep.

This offseason the Suns addressed their problem by signing JaVale McGee and preparing to bring Jalen Smith into the fold. The Jazz became more versatile on the block by signing Rudy Gay from the San Antonio Spurs and Eric Paschall from the Golden State Warriors.

However, Phoenix’s efforts to patch things up poise to hold up over the season much better than Utah’s.

Although Gay served as an incredible defender for the Spurs last year, likely to assist the Jazz greatly to start the season, his extensive age at 35 years old warrants some concern. It feels difficult to imagine him holding up that well for an 82-game season, especially after a shortened offseason.

Paschall though just looks like a bad signing to help out defensively regardless of his age. Last year, he put up the third worst defensive rating on a Warriors team that already struggled at the defensive end.

But for the Suns, they only need McGee to protect the rim. He he can easily accomplish that with his nine-foot-six standing reach, which allowed him averaging 1.2 blocks per game last season.

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As a raw prospect, Jalen Smith comes as the perfect understudy to compliment McGee. His ability to move makes up for what McGee lacks as a defender, and his upside as a rebounder speaks for itself, with him leading the entire NBA Summer League with 12. 5 boards per game a few weeks ago.