Phoenix Suns: Predicting Every Game of the 2021-22 Season

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Phoenix Suns 2021-22 Season Predictions: March

March 2 vs Portland Trail Blazers: Win

The Trail Blazers stomp into Phoenix for their fourth and final matchup against the Suns. To take a commanding regular season series advantage, the Valley Boys snag a win in another contest that goes down to the wire.  Lillard and Booker likely trade blows all game long though, putting on another show for all fans.

March 4 vs New York Knicks: Win

Determined to avoid a sweep from the once laughable Knicks, the Suns lock down a third straight win at home. They jump out to an early lead, which New York struggles to return from due to their minimal offensive prowess.

March 6 at Milwaukee Bucks: Loss

Likely down in the standings behind the Nets and possibly even the 76ers, the Bucks have brushed off their championship hangover at this point and out-muscle the Suns at home.

March 8 at Orlando Magic: Win

The Magic still feel like a lost team going nowhere. The Suns recognize this amidst their recently tough stretch of road games, so they make sure to grab a much needed win.

March 9 at Miami Heat: Loss

The Heat split their series with the Suns by winning this game. Again with Lowry matching up well against Paul, Butler on Booker, and Adebayo on Ayton, they plug up all three of Phoenix’s best players. That leaves behind Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, who shoot the lights out at home.

March 11 vs Toronto Raptors: Win

Determined to avoid a sweep from a non-playoff team, the Suns return to Phoenix and turn the Raptors back into fossils. Happy to be home and away from any more prominent wing defenders, Booker enjoys a massive game.

March 13 vs Los Angeles Lakers: Win

After dropping a few games to known contenders earlier during the week, the Suns emphasize a strong effort vs the Lakers. Mikal Bridges rekindles the exceptional defense he flashed while guarding James during the playoffs, and the home crowd feeds off of every missed shot from it. Suns notches the win.

March 15 at New Orleans Pelicans: Win

Phoenix gets the last laugh over Williamson and his Pelicans. With these teams well-aquatinted with each other at this point, it all comes down to coaching, where Monty Williams out-duels rookie head coach Willie Green.

March 16 at Houston Rockets: Win

The Suns learn from their embarrassing mistake a few weeks ago and smack the Rockets on the road.

March 18 vs Chicago Bulls: Win

Phoenix takes the Bulls down this time around. At home, their “great offense” beats Chicago’s “great defense” to avoid a sweep.

March 20 at Sacramento Kings: Win

Phoenix bests the Kings once again during this contest. If Sacramento’s young guns play above their potential though and have their team eyeing a play-in position at this point, they might put up a good fight at home. But that’s still a pretty big assumption.

March 23 at Minnesota Timberwolves: Win

The Suns earn a season-high seventh straight win over the Timberwolves, looking hotter than ever at the right time. They think about resting their stars with a back-to-back coming up against the Nuggets, but decide to go for the throat instead to keep their mojo flowing.

March 24 at Denver Nuggets: Loss

With Jamal Murray potentially back at this point, the Nuggets unload all their frustration on the Suns during this contest across their own floor. Denver ends Phoenix’s winning streak, coming as a huge victory on their behalf.

March 27 vs Philadelphia 76ers: Win

The Suns return home and bash the 76ers. Whether or not they still possess Ben Simmons at this point, Phoenix and their crowd burns too hot for even a great defensive team like Philly to cool off.

March 30 at Golden State Warriors: Loss

The Warriors take down the Suns during a close battle to even their season series at 2-2. At home, the triples fall even more frequently for Curry, with him potentially zeroing in on an MVP trophy at this point as well.

Phoenix Suns record through March: 54-22