Phoenix Suns: Predicting Every Game of the 2021-22 Season

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Phoenix Suns 2021-22 Season Predictions: February

February 1 vs Brooklyn Nets: Loss

Disgustingly stacked with talent, the Nets own the best title odds for a reason. Assuming Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and even Blake Griffin stay healthy, they win this game just like most others.

February 3 at Atlanta Hawks: Loss

Between two games, the Hawks are likely to just blank you from range during at least one. That happens during this contest, as Trae Young and company jump out to an early lead at home which the Suns never recover from.

February 5 at Washington Wizards: Win

The Suns squeak out a win amidst this tough road trip. A big game from Mikal Bridges silences the Wiz Kids this time around, as they lack a true wing defender to slow him down if he stays aggressive.

February 7 at Chicago Bulls: Loss

The Bulls assembled an astute defensive team this offseason. Lonzo Ball resembles the perfect defender to slow down Paul and DeMar DeRozan matches Booker as an oversized guard. Built to slow down the Suns, Chicago wins at home.

February 8 at Philadelphia 76ers: Loss

Finishing a back-to-back against a bludgeoning team like the 76ers bodes trouble. The Suns find themselves doing that here, and lose another tough road contest.

February 10 vs Milwaukee Bucks: Win

As if an NBA Finals loss wouldn’t motivate them enough, Phoenix’s ugly start to the month also forces their hand against the Bucks. The Suns end up playing way harder during this one and move back into the win column.

February 12 vs Orlando Magic: Win

As a team looking to rebuild rather than contend this year, the Magic offer the Suns a much needed cool down chance with this game. Phoenix takes advantage and puts them down at home.

February 15 vs Los Angeles Clippers: Win

The Suns enter this game with some newfound confidence after earning two straight wins despite a slow start to the month. It shows against the Clippers, who they take down once again on their own floor, likely still shorthanded without Leonard.

February 16 vs Houston Rockets: Loss

The Suns likely rest their starters during this back-to-back sequence vs the Rockets to give themselves some extra time off before the All-Star break, and it comes back to bite them. Houston pulls of a major upset here, but it comes as a humbling loss to help the Suns from a larger perspective.

February 24 at Oklahoma City Thunder: Win

A well-rested Suns team embodies the last thing the Thunder want to deal with. They lose dramatically on their home floor, as the Suns restart their season with a blowout.

February 25 vs New Orleans Pelicans: Loss

The Pelicans walk into this game coming right off their All-Star break, rather than a game the day before like the Suns. This hands them a notable advantage, as Zion looks to get out and run—a nightmarish thought for any opposing team.

February 27 vs Utah Jazz: Win

Phoenix finishes off February with a victory over the Jazz. Motivated following another loss during their most turbulent month yet, the Suns play tough at home to vanquish their rivals.

Phoenix Suns record through February: 43-18