Phoenix Suns: Predicting Every Game of the 2021-22 Season

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Phoenix Suns 2021-22 Season Predictions: January

January 2 at Charlotte Hornets: Win

The Suns start off the new year the right way, mopping the Hornets on their own home floor. As they should, they sweep this young team still working to rebuild.

January 4 at New Orleans Pelicans: Win

Phoenix enacts revenge over the Pelicans, expectedly learning by now how to defend athletic bigs under the genius of Monty Williams. It comes as a solid road victory against a solid team.

January 6 vs Los Angeles Clippers: Win

Amidst another bounce back effort, the Suns find a way to win this one against the Clippers.  That starts with slowing down Paul George, and the Phoenix crowd gets into his head this time at home.

January 8 vs Miami Heat: Win

With a young and athletic big, lethal wing scorer, undersized but still effective point guard, and youthful core around them, the Heat resemble the Suns better than any other NBA team. Due to that, this one could go either way, but at home Phoenix gets the nod.

January 11 at Toronto Raptors: Loss

As a well coached team under Nick Nurse, the Raptors embody a less talented team, but one still with upset potential. The Suns fall victim to that here, as Pascal Siakam enjoys a game with the undersized Jae Crowder struggling to guard him at power forward.

January 12 at Detroit Pistons: Win

The Suns fully put the Pistons to bed on their own home floor during this one. Cade Cunningham should try and soak up all he can from opposing guard Devin Booker during the game though to give his team something of a silver lining.

January 14 at Indiana Pacers: Win

The Suns meet the Pacers next during their Eastern Conference road trip, defeating them as well. With their mid-range snipers, the Suns disengage Indiana’s best defender in Miles Turner, giving way to a win.

January 17 at San Antonio Spurs: Win

Once again San Antonio struggles to stay with the Suns due to their minimal offensive firepower. The once formidable Spurs surrender this one early on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

January 20 at Dallas Mavericks: Win

The Suns close off an exhausting five-game road trip to face a Mavericks team playing the latter portion of a back-to-back sequence, setting this up as a gritty and slow moving contest. But Monty Williams out-coaches Jason Kidd down the stretch to help Phoenix earn a win.

January 22 vs Indiana Pacers: Win

Hosting Indiana, the Suns continue their dominance over the from a few days ago. Still built to beat a team like the Pacers due to their mid-range shooting, Phoenix easily takes this one.

January 24 vs Utah Jazz: Win

The Suns continue a scorching hot January with a pivotal win over the Jazz. Both teams matchup well with star guards and strong bigs, but Phoenix’s home court advantage fuels them toward a sixth straight win.

January 26 at Utah Jazz: Loss

Just as Phoenix’s crowd pushed their team to victory two days before, the Utah crowd does so here to end the winning streak. These games could go either way, so it just makes sense for each home team to win especially considering the renowned intensity typically present within both crowds.

January 28 vs Minnesota Timberwolves: Win

Back into their winning ways, the Suns smack the forgettable Timberwolves once again. Watch for Booker to show off against his friends Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell.

January 30 vs San Antonio Spurs: Win

The Suns sweep the Spurs for the first time since 1984 with a win. The Suns remain destined for a postseason run, while the Spurs look ready to rebuild, no way around that.

Phoenix Suns record through January: 37-12