Phoenix Suns: Predicting Every Game of the 2021-22 Season

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Phoenix Suns 2021-22 Season Predictions: November

November 2 vs New Orleans Pelicans: Loss

Going into his third season, Zion Williamson looks poised to break out unlike ever before. The Suns struggled exponentially to defend the last ball-handling, athletic, and freakishly strong player they faced, and it cost them an NBA title. Zion fits that description, and will make the Pelicans a playoff team this year by singlehandedly winning them games such as this one.

November 4 vs Houston Rockets: Win

The Rockets look destined for another lottery-targeted season. The Suns could likely beat them even without their Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton big three.

November 6 vs Atlanta Hawks: Win

The Hawks enter the 2021-22 season as perhaps the league’s most intriguing team with an incredibly high offensive ceiling. They could easily blow past the Suns, but at home, Phoenix’s consistency on both sides of the ball makes them a better bet.

November 8 at Sacramento Kings: Win

Looking to seek revenge following their prior loss, the Kings will bring a stronger punch at home, but it still will not be enough. The Suns pull away late during this one and put the Kings back into their place.

November 10 vs Portland Trail Blazers: Win

Playing Lillard and company outside Rip City, the Suns gain the edge this time around. Ayton’s athleticism wins out over Jusuf Nurkic to earn his team a fourth straight victory.

November 12 at Memphis Grizzlies: Loss

As arguably the league’s most athletic guard, Ja Morant becomes difficult for the undersized and aging Chris Paul to bottle up. The Grizzlies also carry several wing threats to at least partially bother Devin Booker, and Steven Adams remains a force down low. This vastly improved group comes together and ends Phoenix’s win streak with a strong team effort.

November 14 at Houston Rockets: Win

Even a home court advantage does nothing for this lowly Rockets team. The Suns bounce back after a humbling loss to the Grizzlies and again blowout the Rockets to begin turning their road trip around.

November 15 at Minnesota Timberwolves: Win

Facing off against Patrick Beverley for the first time since he shamefully shoved Chris Paul to the ground following the Western Conference Finals, the Suns face the Timberwolves in a latter portion of a back-to-back. A healthy Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell might make this one close, but the Suns pull it out just to diss Beverley on CP3’s behalf.

November 17 vs Dallas Mavericks: Loss

Even after an offseason that saw the Mavericks unravel from a front office/coaching standpoint, they still possess an incredibly talented team spearheaded by potential MVP candidate Luka Doncic. The Mavericks win a shootout at home against the Suns that likely goes down to the wire as an incredibly fun contest.

November 19 vs Dallas Mavericks: Win

Two days later Phoenix gets it done. Expect another close game between these highly talented squads, but one that sees the Suns make a final game-winning play. But being that both these games come two days apart from each other and under the same roof, they could both honestly go either way.

November 21 vs Denver Nuggets: Win

The Suns defend home court once again vs the Nuggets and run through them to an easy victory during this one. If nothing changes for the Nuggets, simply no reason exists to predict them taking a game from Phoenix, let alone one at home.

November 22 at San Antonio Spurs: Win

The Spurs represent a team trending downward only for the first time since the 90s, moving oppositely from an up and coming team like the Suns. These two very different organizations collide here, and Coach Popovich keeps it close, but the Suns pull away late due to their superior talent.

November 24 at Cleveland Cavaliers: Win

Like with the Rockets, even a home court advantage will not help the Cavaliers overcome the Suns as another basement-level team. The Suns beat Cleveland again without much trouble.

November 26 at New York Knicks: Loss

The Knicks put together an incredibly exciting nine-game winning streak last year, eventually ended by the Suns though thanks to some late game heroics from Chris Paul. Considering how meaningful that streak was to Knick fans given the franchise’s insurmountable issues over the last few years, the Garden will be shaking during this contest. An improved, yet still gritty Knicks team also equipped with Kemba Walker rides that to a victory.

November 27 at Brooklyn Nets: Loss

Revenge game for Landry Shamet? Not quite. The Nets became the only team which the Suns failed to poach a win from last season, winning both their contests. That streak stays alive as the Suns fall once again to Brooklyn, simply overcome by their all-time great talent.

November 28 vs Golden State Warriors: Win

The Suns avoid a three-game slide to end an otherwise solid month by beating the Golden State Warriors at home during this contest. After playing such a ridiculously talented offensive team like the Nets, Phoenix comes in ready face the splash bros, and emphasizes bottling them up as best they can to emerge victorious.

Phoenix Suns record through November: 15-6