Phoenix Suns: 6 Free Agents to Sign with the Mid-Level Exception

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Phoenix Suns Mid-Level Exception Candidates: Alec Burks

For as stacked as the Suns were around the wing last season, they still lacked a shot-creating, and playmaking option outside Devin Booker. Even though they still scored at a high rate, Phoenix’s inability to find consistent, high quality looks came as  arguably their biggest issue during the NBA Finals.

With this dilemma in mind, Alec Burks is a player the Suns should target with their MLE. Coming off a season where he averaged 18.2 point per 75 possessions, hit at a 41.5 percent clip from outside, and took five 3-point attempts a game, Burks embodies the long range sniper which Phoenix needs to take themselves to the next level.

Burks also shot 42.0 percent from the mid-range area last year, and 86.0 percent from the charity stripe. His shooting simply knows no limits.

But astonishingly enough, Burks’s game stretches even beyond his shot making skills. The 10-year veteran’s slashing and ascending playmaking abilities bring something new to Phoenix’s wing department as well.

Given this versatility, Burks poises to fit with the Suns in a variety of ways. With his three level scoring and playmaking, Burks can serve as both a “microwave” scorer and primary ball-handler when Booker needs to hit the bench.

When playing beside Booker and Paul though, Burks can provide valuable spacing as a true scoring threat from outside. His slashing ability can also open up the floor for the Suns in transition to help create more efficient looks.