Phoenix Suns: Constructing the Dream Offseason for this Summer

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns Dream Offseason: Bringing in these new players

If the Suns indeed bring back Paul under a fat contract, as well as Craig, and also use their draft pick on a player, that poises to leave them with a few more roster spots to fill and only salary cap exceptions to fill them up. The following additions successfully round out the team from a fiscal, and basketball standpoint.

Blake Griffin:

Griffin seemingly brought himself back from the dead last year with the Brooklyn Nets, ending his infamous dunk-less streak and averaging 10.0 points to go with 4.7 rebounds per game. Reports already continue to indicate his intentions to once again take less money in order to chase a title, making the Suns a perfect suitor. Sign him with Phoenix’s mid-level exception for roughly 8 million dollars over two years, and watch him fly high again with Paul.

Hassan Whiteside:

Set to become an unrestricted free agent, Whiteside fills the hole left behind by Dario Saric quite nicely as an aggressive rebounder who brings enough size to the table to always make him playable. Sign him with a minimum salary exception.

JJ Reddick:

Stuck inside Dallas’s dungeon for last year’s second half, JJ Reddick should enter next season feeling refreshed, yet still with a veteran’s mindset prompting him to chase a title. That makes him the perfect candidate to receive a veteran’s minimum as well.

Justice Winslow:

For Winslow to become a free agent, the Memphis Grizzlies need to opt-out from their team-option with him. But considering his limited production and 13 million dollar salary, they seem likely to do so.

At only 25-years old, he fits well with this young Phoenix team. Also as a former lottery pick, he strikes one as a great low risk, high reward project for Monty Williams and Chris Paul to take on next while under the minimum salary exception.