Phoenix Suns trouble? LeBron James ‘recruits’ Chris Paul on national TV

Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James (Photo by Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James (Photo by Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s not enough that Phoenix Suns fans are concerned about Chris Paul trying to help lead this Phoenix team to its first NBA title. Wednesday’s Game 4 could prove pivotal, and Devin Booker needs to find his game.

Success hinges on Booker and Paul, and now the idea of losing Paul to the Lakers is gaining steam.

Phoenix Suns followers could not have been thrilled watching Arsenio Hall and LeBron James start some Chris Paul recruiting efforts on Tuesday night.

Hall, who is pinch hitting for Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, welcomed LeBron James to the show – especially warmly, since Hall is a (very) longtime Lakers fan.

James said he “absolutely” would like to play with Chris Paul.

Early in the interview, the Suns and Paul became a topic of discussion.

“Are you watching basketball right now?” Hall asked.

“I am, I am,” James said. “I have a horse in the race and he goes by the name Chris Paul.”

In Phoenix, you could almost hear a collective sigh — familiar from so many Suns basketball heartbreaks.

“That is my brother,” James continued. “And we’ve known each other since my junior year of high school; his sophomore year. We actually met for the first time in eighth grade when we played in the same AAU national basketball tournament in Orlando, Florida.

“And then we officially met my junior year, his sophomore year, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

OK, but maybe it’s a surface type friendship these days? After all, Paul and the Phoenix Suns did rudely help eliminate James and the Lakers in Round 1.

Well, no. James said Paul’s presence is deep – and as many are aware, Paul is godfather to James’ second son.

“He’s the godfather of Bryce,” James said, relating the story of Bryce being born while Paul was with James in the hospital.

LeBron James, the Lakers and the basketball world know that the Phoenix Suns are facing the prospect of an opt-out decision by Chris Paul that would make Paul a free agent.

Chris Paul has said only good things about Phoenix, but questions remain about how the relationship will look during the offseason.

As for the interview … Arsenio Hall was on a roll with this Paul-to-the-Lakers thing.

He reminded LeBron and, presumably, Lakers fans, how the NBA basically vetoed a trade that would have sent Paul to the Lakers years ago.

James voiced his amazement that an event such as that could happen.

And Arsenio Hall brought the subject that could very well concern Phoenix Suns fans full circle:

“Could it still happen?” Hall asked, leaning in.

“And would you like it to still happen?”

After a few chuckles and references to the NBA’s tampering restrictions, James waited for the next question.

“I know you probably can’t talk about that,” Hall said. “Of course you’d like to play with your friend. We’d love it.”

LeBron didn’t exactly shoot down the idea.

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,” James said.

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Let’s just get a ring and worry about recruiting season later.