Phoenix Suns now must overcome Bucks — and Scott Foster

Phoenix Suns, Scott Foster (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns, Scott Foster (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Phoenix Suns are far from home — geographically and in this series.

On Sunday morning, the officials for the NBA Finals Game 3 in Milwaukee were announced. And, uh oh, Scott Foster leads the crew.

Phoenix Suns fans and conspiracy theorists have reason to support their concerns when Scott Foster is officiating a playoff game involving Chris Paul.

There are two big points to ponder as the Suns try to take a 3-0 lead tonight.

First, stats don’t lie: Scott Foster, along with CP3’s opponent, is 11-0 against the 36-year-old floor leader for Phoenix. Devin Booker had better be ready to step up even more than he has to this point.

Fans and analysts have taken note. And Bucks boosters have to be pleased.

Sometimes, for Chris Paul and his fans, gallows humor is perhaps best.

It’s not that the Bucks are suddenly the better team, although the 4-point spread did move to 4.5 points in favor of Milwaukee on Sunday.

The Suns have received some high marks through the first two games, but Sunday night should be a challenge.

NBA fans have been busy on Twitter, with some reaching elite levels for comparisons. I mean, Scott Foster as “The Cooler,” how strong is that?

A deeper — and certainly more cynical — approach is the old “the NBA needs Team X to win for the TV ratings, etc” theory.

Well, if there’s any fire to all that smoke, the NBA is playing its Foster card right now, before this series becomes too one-sided for peripheral viewers to remain interested.

The Suns already have concerns about offseason contract negotiations with Chris Paul, so worrying about the officiating is just adding to the issues.

It’s a stretch to think Adam Silver has anything to do with taking a Foster-hates-CP3 agenda and securing the notorious official for Game 3.

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But, you never really know. Good luck, Suns.