Phoenix Suns: 3 Things Learned from the Jazz vs Clippers Series

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The Phoenix Suns need to play smart defense

The Clippers shot 46 percent from beyond the arc in their wins against the Jazz, and it rarely came  from just one player. When LA goes with their small lineup, every player on the court is more than capable of knocking down a triple.

In Game 6 especially, the Clippers were awarded countless uncontested threes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great shooter or not, if someone in today’s NBA has enough time to hit an open 3-pointer, they likely will.

Now, the Suns boast one of the best 3-point defenses in the league, and during this upcoming series they will need to keep up that effort. Taking away the 3-ball will be key for the Suns to keep pace with their high-scoring opponent.

The Clippers found success while driving into the paint and then passing the ball out to open 3-point shooters quite often against the Jazz. Staying patient and disciplined though can help disrupt this strategy.

Since Leonard went down his knee injury, forward Paul George has stepped up and been the primary option for Los Angeles. Looking to silence his critics, George has played exceptionally well thus far.

Suns forward Mikal Bridges will likely be tasked with guarding him. Getting under George’s skin and disrupting him early on could affect his mentality, as he has a recent history of meltdowns in important games. It’s something specific which Phoenix should focus on, while collectively looking to derail LA’s impressive offensive attack.