Phoenix Suns’ Monty Williams is without a doubt the NBA Coach of the Year

Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams (Photo by David Richard-USA TODAY Sports) /

Monty Williams is helping propel the Phoenix Suns to the first seed. Developing as a coach, Williams has reached a new level this season. There is no doubt that Williams deserves the NBA Coach of the Year award.

The Phoenix Suns’ defense has been improved by Williams.

The Suns’ defensive rating has risen from 17th to sixth in the NBA. Allowing 49.9 points in the paint per game did not help last year. The Suns have improved to allow 47 points in the paint per game this year. It may not seem like a massive difference, but it is enough to take the Suns from 22nd to 13th in that category.

The same can be said with the Suns’ 3-point defense. Opponents are shooting 35.6 percent on their 3s —an upgrade from last year, where opponents shot 36.4 percent. Going from 23rd to seventh is impressive, especially considering the 2020-21 season has had the highest 3-point percentage in NBA history.

The Phoenix Suns’ offense is amazing. With an offensive rating that ranks seventh in the NBA, it is clear that Williams’ coaching is impacting the offense.

Ranking 14th in 3-pointers attempted and 17th on 2-pointers attempted, the Suns have a balanced offense. This balanced offense is terrific because if the Suns are running dry from 3, they have the ability to score closer shots.

Utilizing both Chris Paul and Devin Booker to run the offense has been perfected by Williams. Using the two offensive juggernauts to attract attention is unstoppable. Surrounding the two is a team with shooting and excellent ball movement. The ball movement of the team prevents the offense from being stagnant. This is shown with the Suns ranking sixth in assists per game. The Suns move the ball and create for one another. Being seventh in secondary assists per game proves how efficient the ball movement is. Breaking teams down with each pass, the Suns’ offense has been elite.

Williams is confident in Paul and Booker. Putting confidence into your stars is essential, and the confidence spreads from the top players to the whole team. The confidence has allowed Paul and Booker to play freely as they take their tough shots. However, the pair still create for others and get the team involved. Putting this trust in Paul and Booker has paid off. From watching the games, one can tell that each player on the Suns is comfortable. Nobody seems stressed about getting their shots. The team just plays basketball.

The Phoenix Suns’ fourth-quarter offensive rating shows Williams’ coaching abilities.

Ranking eighth in offensive rating in the fourth quarter, the Suns find success as Williams makes the right calls down the stretch.

As a coach, one of the significant issues is those that are internal. There has not been any drama in the locker room, keeping the Suns away from chemistry disaster.

All around, Williams has fought to bring this team to a top seed. Not only has Williams displayed his development, but he is also proving that he is among the great coaches in the NBA. Williams should be the favorite for coach of the year.

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