Suns Podcast: Don’t panic about Devin Booker & ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ finale

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In Episode 25 of the Valley of the Suns Podcast, it’s not time to panic over Devin Booker despite his recent struggles. Plus, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” finale!

Welcome, Valley Boyz and Girlz, to another episode of the Valley of the Suns Podcast!

To start off Episode 25, host Gerald Bourguet checks in with the Phoenix Suns on their current, brutal road trip. Three games into this crucial five-game swing, the Suns are 2-1, but what stood out from their big wins over the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers, as well as their ugly loss to the Boston Celtics?

After this brief progress report, Bourguet takes the majority of the episode to reassure panicking Suns fans about Devin Booker. While it feels like it’s been forever since Book has been his usual self, that’s not actually the case, and despite his prominent struggles over the last six games, everyone should feel reassure that it’s nowhere near time to panic about this superstar just yet.

Finally, for our latest G-Rated segment, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wrapped up its six-episode season with an entertaining but flawed finale. How did the latest Marvel TV series on Disney+ fare in the end? How did it stack up to WandaVision, and did the finale stick the landing for this surprisingly deep show?

Suns fans can check out the podcast or the YouTube video below

Here’s the breakdown for Episode 25:

  • Road trip so far (1:50)
  • Stop panicking about Devin Booker (6:30)
  • G-Rated: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale (30:00)

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