Suns Podcast: NBA trade deadline fallout and ‘Servant’ on Apple TV+

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Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images /

In Episode 19 of the Valley of the Suns Podcast, it’s time to analyze the fallout of the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline for the Phoenix Suns, as well as “Servant” on Apple TV+.

Hello, Valley Boyz and Girlz. Welcome to another episode of the Valley of the Suns Podcast!

In Episode 19, host Gerald Bourguet starts off by recapping the last couple of days for the Phoenix Suns, particularly their aggravating tendency of playing down to the competition. The Suns’ latest loss to the Orlando Magic dropped them to 16-8 against teams below .500, so should we be concerned about their lackluster performances against so many inferior opponents?

After that, it’s time to take a look at the fallout from the 2021 NBA Trade Deadline and how standing pat may affect Phoenix come playoff time. While the Suns’ depth remains impressive, a few teams around them in the Western Conference got better. Will their decision to not bolster their eight- or nine-man playoff rotation come back to haunt them during the team’s first trip to the postseason since 2010?

Finally, for our latest G-Rated segment, Bourguet takes a look at Apple TV+’s highly underrated suspense series, Servant. Produced by M. Night Shyamalan, this lesser-known show just wrapped up its higher-stakes Season 2 with an unnerving finale, and it’s definitely worth checking out for those looking for something new and unique to binge-watch.

Suns fans can check out the podcast or the YouTube video below

Here’s the breakdown for Episode 19:

  • Suns playing down to their competition (2:10)
  • Trade deadline fallout (7:15)
  • G-Rated: Servant (17:20)

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