Suns Podcast: Catching up with sideline reporter and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ fan Lindsey Smith

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In Episode 12 of the Valley of the Suns Podcast, special guest Lindsey Smith joins to talk about her time as a Suns sideline reporter, what’s next and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Welcome, Valley Boyz and Girlz, to another episode of the Valley of the Suns Podcast!

In Episode 12, host Gerald Bourguet is joined by Phoenix Suns sideline reporter Lindsey Smith to talk about the state of the team, tell stories from her favorite moments on the job and share their mutual love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The show kicks off with a look at what makes this Suns season feel different, before Smith shares what she misses most about the job, which Suns players were her favorite to interview and the challenges of covering bad teams vs. good teams. She also provides an update on what she’s been up to recently, as well as whether a return to sideline reporting is in her near future!

Finally, in our “G-Rated” segment, Bourguet and Smith gush over one of TV’s most underrated comedies, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Suns fans can check out the podcast or the YouTube video below

Here’s the breakdown for Episode 12:

  • Intro (Start)
  • How this Suns season feels different (1:50)
  • What does Lindsey miss most about the job? (5:20)
  • Covering winning teams vs. losing teams (6:40)
  • Favorite memories covering the Suns (14:20)
  • Favorite Suns players to interview (20:05)
  • What Lindsey’s been up to, and is there hope for a return to the sidelines? (24:15)
  • G-Rated: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (30:35)

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