Predicting every Phoenix Suns game: Part 2

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

Having seen what the Phoenix Suns are capable of in this first half of the season, predicting the second half of the season should prove a little easier.

Questions remain, such as whether the defense can hold and whether coach Monty Williams should settle on a firm starting lineup.

And, as fans saw Wednesday night against Charlotte, anybody can lose on any night.

The NBA just released the second half of the season schedule,  so let’s jump right in on how the Phoenix Suns will perform, continuing my earlier predictions.

Thursday March 4 home against the Golden State Warriors.

A game the Suns should win, but the form of Steph Curry could be a problem for the Suns. However, Curry will be the next prisoner of Mikal Jail, and the Suns will get the job done at home. (23-12)

Tuesday March 11 at the Portland Trail Blazers

Coming off one of the best performances against the Blazers last week, the Suns will have to deal with Damian Lillard once again. The Blazers are fighting for playoff position just like the Suns and Lillard will have his way at home and the Blazers will get us back. (23-13)

Saturday March 13 home against the Indiana Pacers

After Booker was named an All-Star, Pacers standout Domantas Sabonis was the next in line. He made it as Kevin Durant’s injury replacement and it was well-deserved. Sabonis was averaging 21 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists entering Friday, while shooting above 50 percent from the field. It will be hard for Ayton to slow him down and the Suns will lose their second in a row. (23-14)

Monday March 15 home against the Memphis Grizzlies

Having lost to the Grizzlies early in the year, there should be a bitter taste in the mouths of the Phoenix Suns players. The Suns shoot the 3 well in this game like they did weeks ago against this team, and they will take the season series lead as they cruise to this one. (24-14)

Thursday March 18 home against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The first of a back-to-back against this young team, Karl Anthony-Towns has seemed to have Deandre Ayton’s number in the past, and this could be a Ricky Rubio revenge game. The Wolves under a new coach have been playing better as of late, this one will be close and will come down to who can close. Give me Booker to take over in the 4th and lead the Suns to the win. (25-14)

Friday March 19 home against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Same opponent, different day. After a grueling game the night before, both teams could look fatigued and you will see the field goal percentage down. Chris Paul will lead the more experienced team to victory in this one, but the young start Anthony Edwards could put on an athleticism show. (26-14)

Sunday March 21 home against the Los Angeles Lakers

With the recent play of the Lakers this is a game the Suns should win, however, when the greatest player of all-time laces up his shoes he will always have a chance to win the game. Devin Booker will be trying to prove something in this game, and without Anthony Davis the Phoenix Suns will take advantage and squeak this game out and extend their win streak to 4 games in a row. (27-14)

Tuesday March 23 at the Miami Heat

The Suns will get their first look at the 2020 NBA runners-up, but it will be a different look from what they looked like in the bubble. The Heat seem fatigued and have not been the same this year. Coach Erik Spoelstra will eventually get his guys turned around and will against a young talented Suns team could contribute to that. Bam Adebayo will be too much Ayton, and the Heat will be too tough for the Suns. (27-15)

Wednesday March 24 at the Orlando Magic

In what seems like a trap game for the Suns here on a back-to-back, Aaron Gordon could be back by this game and he normally gives the Suns problems. However, this is a game Monty Williams will not let them lose, this is a game that the Suns can not drop if they have plans of contending for a title. (28-15)

Friday March 26 at the Toronto (South Beach) Raptors

The Suns are making their way through Florida including the “South Beach” Raptors. The Raptors have had a some-what of an underwhelming season, Pascal Siakam not playing the way the league is used to. This should be a game where Ayton dominates, if he can the Suns will blow out the Raptors, if not it will come down to Chris Paul and Devin Booker bailing him out again, but chalk the Suns up for a convincing win. (29-15)

Sunday March 28 at the Charlotte Hornets.

The Suns should be fired up for this game having let their first meeting slip out of their hands and rookie LaMelo Ball really take control of the game late. Mikal Bridges will be on him most of the game, and the rookie will struggle. A game the Suns again need to win to prove that they are contenders. It is games against opponents like the Hornets, Magic, Kings, etc… that will prove more about this team then games against the Clippers, Bucks, or Lakers. The Suns have to beat teams they should, and they will here, giving win number 30. (30-15)

Tuesday March 30 home against the Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young will be on a mission in the second half of the season trying to prove to the rest of the NBA that he is indeed an all-star. What will be a close game it could come down to who will have the ball last, if it is the Suns, Booker will add to his game-winning collections, if the Hawks have the ball, Mikal Bridges will get the Suns the stop they will need to win the game. (31-15)

Wednesday March 31 home against the Chicago Bulls

With the Bulls being somewhat of a surprise to the league, Zach Lavine has been extremely good this year and will be once again, Mikal Bridges to try and slow him down. Like I mentioned in the game before, this is an opponent the Suns need to bury and not mess around with. If the Bulls and Lavine get confidence they can beat anybody. The Phoenix Suns need to jump on them early with the help of their bench, who as of late have been too great. Cam Payne is due for an explosion and I do not see why not against this Bulls team which allows a lot of points. Suns win. (32-15)

The Phoenix Suns’ April schedule predictions

Friday April 2 home against the Oklahoma City Thunder

As the Suns move into the month of April they will take on a Thunder team that plays hard every single night, but the Suns will just be too much for them. Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton have big nights and extend their win streak to seven games. (33-15)

Monday April 5 at the Houston Rockets

The Rockets have just not been good since James Harden left and joined the Brooklyn Nets. The open roster spot for the Suns maybe, just maybe, will end up being ex-Rocket, DeMarcus Cousins and if so would play a factor in this game. Regardless, this one should not even be close, the Rockets look like they are tanking and the Suns should have no problem helping them out. (34-15)

Wednesday April 7 home against the Utah Jazz

In what will be the biggest game of the season thus far for the Suns will be aired on ESPN. The Jazz have been the NBA’s best team this season and rightly so, they have the league’s best rim protector, highest 3-point field goal percentage, and the indisputable sixth-man of the year winner. The Suns gave the Jazz a lot of problems early this year, and I expect the same. The Jazz will not want to see the Suns come playoff time. (35-15)

Thursday April 8 at the Los Angeles Clippers

I just do not see the Suns winning this game. Coming of a back-to-back against the Jazz and traveling to face the Clippers, who just pose a lot of problems to the Suns. If Kawhi Leonard or Paul George do not play, the Suns could maybe sneak out with a win, but the Clippers likely will end the Suns win streak. (35-16)

Saturday April 10 home against the Washington Wizards

The Wizards are starting to figure it out it seems with Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, but the story in this game will be Ish Smith. He seems to always kill the Suns every time he places them. A game the Suns should not be in will turn to their second loss in a row. (35-17)

Monday April 12 home against the Houston Rockets

A much needed win for the Suns after dropping two in a row, and the Rockets will again still be tanking, something the Suns have seen too much of the last 10 years, and again should not feel bad helping them out. (36-17)

Tuesday April 13 home against the Miami Heat

The Suns will struggle shooting the 3 and the Heat will not, it is about as simple as that. (36-18)

Thursday April 15 home against the Sacramento Kings

The Kings are one of the most intriguing teams in the league, so much talent, but just can not put together a complete season. The Suns do not match up very well against the Kings, but at this point in the season the Suns will have a top-4 seed in their sights, and the Kings will maybe be playing to get in that play-in game. This will be a shootout and the Suns will win as they come from behind in the fourth. (37-18)

Saturday April 17 home against the San Antonio Spurs

Also, one of the weirdest stories in the league, DeMar DeRozan playing like an all-star and Coach Popovich year in and year out has his team in playoff contention. A game where the Phoenix Suns will struggle early to figure out this Spurs team, but in the second half will expose the Spurs and it will lead to a win. (38-18)

Monday April 19 at the Milwaukee Bucks

What starts a five game road trip out East that will really test this Phoenix Suns team, they will play the Bucks who should want revenge from their first meeting. Jrue Holiday will be back for the Bucks and it was evident that the Suns had zero answer for Giannis Antetokounmpo and he will once again destroy the Suns. (38-19)

Wednesday April 21 at the Philadelphia 76ers

The Phoenix Suns seem to really enjoy playing the 76ers especially Devin Booker. Booker will perform well but Joel Embiid will continue his MVP campaign and will roll the Suns in Philly, as the Suns continue their tough stretch. (38-20)

Thursday April 22 at the Boston Celtics

Devin Booker and the TD Garden seem to have some history don’t they? That was a Booker who was locked in and it will be more of the same. The Celtics will be scratching and clawing for playoff position and although Booker will be locked in, the Phoenix Suns will fall as Jaylen Brown will be the difference, not Jayson Tatum. (38-21)

Sunday April 25 at the Brooklyn Nets

In maybe the most disappointing game the Phoenix Suns have played in early in the season when James Harden took over in the fourth and the Nets beat the Suns without starts, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. With that being said the Suns will want this one real bad and there will be A LOT of points but the Nets firepower will just be too much for the Suns and will hand them their fourth straight loss. (38-22)

Monday April 26 at the New York Knicks

Coming off what will be a very up and down game in Brooklyn, the Phoenix Suns will look to shine at Madison Square Garden, and no one loves the spotlight more than Devin Booker. The Knicks will not have an answer, and the Suns will look to get back on track with a convincing win against the gritty Knicks. (39-22)

Wednesday April 28 home against the Los Angeles Clippers

The tough stretch continues against one of the best teams in the league, and although this could be a load management game for Kawhi Leonard, regardless, the Clippers will handle the Suns and prove that the Suns will not want to see them in the playoffs. (39-23)

Friday April 30 home against the Utah Jazz

The final game of the most grueling stretch of games the Suns will play all year long, the Jazz will catch the Suns exhausted and depleted and they will take advantage and grab their first win against the Suns. (39-24)

The Phoenix Suns’ May schedule predictions

Sunday May 2 at the Oklahoma City Thunder

After just a rough April for the Suns, they will look to start off May on the right note and really respond from the tough stretch of games they just played. The Thunder will face a pissed off Suns and it does not help that they do not have the talent to keep up. Suns by twenty or more, and the Suns will get win FOURTY. (40-24)

Tuesday May 4 at the Cleveland Cavaliers

After starting the season on fire, the Cavs have cooled off and been plagued to some injuries. The Suns need to handle business here, and leave no doubt and leave Cleveland with a win. Jae Crowder is due for one of his 5-plus 3-pointer games, and here it is. Suns win. (41-24)

Wednesday May 5 at the Atlanta Hawks

I do not really know what to think about this game. The Hawks struggle defensively but can score with anybody in the league. If the Suns shoot the 3 well, they will win, but Bridges, Crowder and Johnson will struggle to hit them and the Hawks will win. (41-25)

Friday May 7 home against the New York Knicks

The Knicks come to town and this game will be a dog fight. Julius Randle will give the Suns problems but their lack of guard play will ultimately be their demise as Chris Paul will be great and lead the Suns to a gritty win. (42-25)

Sunday May 9 at the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers will most likely be fully healthy and LeBron will be tweaking some things to try and make another finals run. The Suns will have no answer for Davis and while it will be close for three quarters, the Lakers have the best closer in the game. (42-26)

Tuesday May 11 at the Golden State Warriors

Steph. Curry. Game. (42-27)

Thursday May 13 home against the Portland Trail Blazers

Portland star, CJ McCollum will be back and if he is playing like he was to start the season the Blazers can be a problem. At this point in the season the Blazers will be fully healthy and pose a real problem for the Suns. If the Suns bench does what they are capable of, the Suns will get the win. Dario Saric has a great game and the Suns win late. (43-27)

Saturday May 15 at the San Antonio Spurs

The first of a back-to-back against these Spurs, and they could very well be fighting for their playoff lives, and depending where the Suns are seeded the Suns could be resting some of their key players. Either way there is no better feeling that ruining the Spurs season, and that is exactly what the Suns will do here. Did someone say Cam Johnson?? (44-27)

Sunday May 16 at the San Antonio Spurs

No Booker, Paul, Crowder, or Ayton most likely. This will be a great game to see some of the younger guys we have not seen this year Jalen Smith for example. The Spurs will probably need this one, and they will get it. (44-28)

I have the Suns finishing 44 and 28 and that should be good enough for anywhere from the fifth to third seed in the West, and who would have thought?

The Suns have been all over the place this season and really need to find a sense of consistency. The second half of the schedule presents the Suns with a lot of opportunity to define themselves as one of the league’s best and have a chance to contend in the West.

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