Phoenix Suns free agency: Best wing targets for 2020 offseason

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Phoenix Suns free agency targets
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Phoenix Suns free agency wing targets: Backups

These next two players are the two wings that the Suns should try to sign in free agency. I have cited Devin Booker and Jevon Carter (Booker’s backup) below for reference.

The categories are games, average minutes, field goal, 3-point, and free-throw percentages along with rebounds, assists, steals, and points.

          WINGS                        GM / MIN / FG% / 3P% / FT% / REB / AST / STL / PTS
— Alec Burks (76’ers)        66      27       42       39       89       4.3     2.9     0.9     15.9
— Justin Holiday (Pacers) 73      25       43       41       79       3.3     1.3     1.2        8.3
— Jevon Carter (Suns)       58      16       42       39       85       2.0      1.4     1.4       4.9
— Devin Booker (Suns)     70      36       48       35       92       4.2      6.5     0.7     26.6

It would benefit the Suns long-term to shave a couple of minutes off of Devin Booker’s 36 minutes per game average, but to do that the Suns would need to get a quality backup for Booker. Alec Burks fills that need.

Burks is an instant offense player that would give the Suns consistent scoring minutes, as well as an actual spark off the bench while giving Booker a breather.

FiveThirtyEight’s “RAPTOR” analytic gives Burks a score of a plus 1.2 on offense and a negative 1.0 on defense. For context, Joe Harris the great shooting free agent with the Nets has a 1.0 on offense and -1.8 on defense, so Burks would be a more cost-effective option for the Suns than Joe Harris at a third of the cost.

Burks isn’t a great or flashy passer, he’s a solid safe one. He gets two assists for every one turnover, so he is a much better point guard than Devin Booker has been the last couple of years and he hasn’t been bad.

Alec Burks is actually a poor man’s version of Devin Booker.  Who better to back him up? He can hit from a lot of “Booker” places, on drives, 2-point shots and has an amazing low post turn around jumper.

PROJECTED FREE AGENT CONTRACT: 2-years or 3-years (last year Suns option) at $4 million per year.
*Last season Alec Burks was paid $1.6 million, his play will warrant the jump in pay.