Phoenix Suns: Ranking the 10 top shooting guards in the NBA

Devin Booker, James Harden, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Devin Booker, James Harden, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns,
Phoenix Suns, /

Tie for #4/#3: Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell came in with 67 points from the Utah Jazz. Does well in all shooting categories, except not as well as the rest on this list.  This is probably the breakpoint for the second tier based on all-around Play.

Tie for #4/#3: Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal also had 67 points from the Washington Wizards.  Considering the remaining players on this list all play in the Western Conference, Bradly has a right to complain about not making the All-Star team this year…more than you know.

Beal is #1 at field goal attempts,10th at field goal percentage which is better than the next two players…plus he’s #2 in the league among shooting guards. If he only wasn’t the 37th best 3-point shooter in the league he’d take the crown.

#2: James Harden

James Harden, who is on the top of many “Best Shooting Guard” lists came in second on this one with 60 points. Personally, I hate his game, but you have to give the “Beard” props. He really does have an all-around game (minus the whole not guarding his man fatal flaw) if you really look at his stats.

Obviously #1 in scoring among shooting guards, but to give the others a chance he’s 35th in 3-point shooting hitting 35.5 percent of his shots, point one percent better than Booker.