Phoenix Suns: Ranking the 10 top shooting guards in the NBA

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Phoenix Suns fans believe Devin Booker is the best shooting guard in the NBA, but do the stats back that claim up? Let’s rank the top 10 based on the numbers.

It is said locally that the Phoenix Suns All-Star, Devin Booker, is the best shooting guard in the NBA? Is he?

It is said that not only is Devin is the best shooting guard, he is also one of the most efficient players in the NBA.

Well, Devin is efficient no doubt, but one of the best? Just claiming he is one of the best without backing it up, doesn’t make it true.

Let’s take a deeper dive as this is my official top 10 best shooting guards in the NBA and my reasons why.

The SCIENCE is in!

Okay honestly I didn’t do well in science while in school, so let’s go with the “best common sense” is in. I think you will agree with my qualifiers. For my qualifiers to be ranked in the top 10 shooting guards in the NBA during the 2019-2020 season you must have:

  • Played in 50 Regular season games.
  • Averaged 29 minutes per game, ie starter minutes.
  • Averaged 14 Shots a game.

From there we will take the players’ shooting guard ranking in the categories of:

  • Field goal attempts (2-point and 3-point combined),
  • 2-point Field Goal Percentage and 3-point percentage.
  • Free throw attempts and percentage. Attempts are important because if you are going to be among the best 2-guards in the league, you need to get to the line and you need to make your shots.
  • Points per game.

I’ll average them all together and low point because of higher rankings in the categories “wins.”  These statistics are taken from

Let’s start from #10 down and find our surprise winner:

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