Phoenix Suns: Devin and Kendall, America’s quarantine couple, at it again

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Phoenix Suns star, Devin Booker, has been dating Kendall Jenner for several months at this point and were recently seen hiking in Idaho.

America’s hottest quarantine couple are at it again. Whether they are hitting the pet store with Booker’s dog, running errands in Los Angeles, grabbing dinner in Malibu or driving up I-17 to Sedona, Kendall Jenner and the Phoenix Suns‘ Devin Booker are the current “it” couple.

These two long time friends were spotted a few months ago road-tripping to Sedona.

Per TMZ:

"“Kendall and friends have a small social circle amongst the group, who have been following the same social distancing and physical distancing guidelines. Devin is a friend and is part of the small group. They took a road trip for some much-needed air.”"

At the time, the Phoenix Suns Bubble star Devin Booker and his Supermodel girlfriend Kendall Jenner were, “just friends.”

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner are the NBA’s hottest new couple.

Hold it…is Jenner a supermodel? According to Forbes:

"“Kendall Jenner may not be the best-paid Kardashian-Jenner, but she’s earning more than any other model in the world. The 23-year-old banked $22.5 million in the 12 months prior to June 2018 to top this year’s ranking of the highest-paid models. Jenner edges out supermodel-turned-coding-advocate Karlie Kloss, who earned $13 million”"

Is Jenner a Supermodel? I’d give it to her.

Kendevin (sorry), continue their whirlwind romance to the world’s current hot spot, the “Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club” in…Idaho? The Ranch is about  45 minutes south of Spokane, Washington.

According to my mapquest wizardly, that puts smack dab in the middle of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho lake. Okay…maybe not the middle but the Southwest shore.

The quarantine hotties were seen tripping in the Idaho hot spot with pals Justin and Hailey Bieber. Yes, that Justin. Hailey is the daughter of lesser, but more likable Baldwin brother, Stephen.

According to Benjamin VanHoose of PEOPLE:

"“Kendall seems very happy. Devin is very sweet to her. He spends a lot of time with Kendall’s family and friends too. They seem to be on the same page. They haven’t been working lately and have been able to enjoy quiet beach outings and dinners instead. They both seem to enjoy the quiet time together.”"

Then spent their vacation with the other couple, and by themselves enjoying the lake, playing golf.

In fact, Kendall posted on Instagram, “In an Instagram post on Thursday, Jenner confirmed that she is indeed on board with the lake life when she shared photos from the trip, including some on the water and beside a campfire. “i 💛 lakes,” she wrote. Baldwin commented: “and lakes 💜 YOU.”

I don’t know if I envy Devin Booker’s lifestyle or basketball life, but I do envy him doing them not in 115 degrees. To the couple, enjoy the ride…to Devin, be careful…even though Kendall Jenner is on the “saner” side of the family, it’s still the Kardashians.

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