The Phoenix Suns are creating an environment where players want to be

MIkal Bridges, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
MIkal Bridges, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Jevon Carter and Cameron Payne tagged onto Mikal Bridges’ social media message about how they never want to leave the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns have unfortunately earned a reputation over the last several years as an organization not highly sought-after by players around the league. That, however, is changing.

The Suns’ 8-0 record did more than just build momentum and put the world on notice that this team is for real. It showed that what Monty Williams and company have brewing makes the Valley is a very desirable location for players to play.

Perhaps no tweet highlighted the organization’s reputation more than the infamous Eric Bledsoe tweet back in 2007. It simply stated, “I don’t wanna be here.”

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Mikal Bridges and his teammates never want to leave the Phoenix Suns.

Now, however, thanks for a culture overhaul led by James Jones and Monty Williams, Suns players are tweeting the complete opposite. In a tweet that almost has too much parallel to not be purposeful, Mikal Bridges said, “I don’t ever wanna leave,” along with tagging the Suns.

Now, his teammates have jumped onto the bandwagon as Cameron Payne and Jevon Carter posted on Twitter and Instagram respectively how they want to know if they can say the same thing.

To be fair, I’m sure Payne and Carter said this partly in jest as the two are clinging onto any roster spot they can claim in the NBA. Carter is a restricted free agent and the Suns have a team option on Payne’s contract for next season.

Both played extremely well in the bubble and were a huge factor in the team’s 8-0 record. Out of all the impending free agents vying to prove their worth, no one did a better job than these two (well, maybe Dario Saric).

Still, the point remains, with guys like Mikal Bridges making public proclamations about their desire to stay with the Suns, it makes Phoenix a destination other free agents around the league not look upon with disdain.

Regardless of what Draymond Green says, the perception of this franchise is changing, and it will continue to be incumbent on players to let their peers around the league know just how bright the Suns’ future really is.

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