Phoenix Suns mentality: Why not us?

Phoenix Suns, Cameron Johnson (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Cameron Johnson (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns are the only undefeated team in the bubble, and while still a longshot to make the playoffs, players and fans are thinking, “Why not us?”

A hashtag that has been circulating Twitter in regards to the recent play from the Phoenix Suns. Typically hashtags are not beacons of truth, but in this case, it is very meaningful:


The Suns entered the bubble 26-39 with little to no hope of reaching that 9th seed in the West and getting a chance to play in the play-in series with the 8 seed. However, here we are five days later and the Suns are 3-0 and just beat the Los Angeles Clippers at the buzzer thanks to Devin Booker. With the momentum clearly on the Suns’ side, fans can’t help but think there is a chance for the Suns to run the table. Why not us?

The Suns received little to no attention by beating the depleted Wizards and then gutting out a hard-fought victory over Luke Doncic and the Mavs but they put the basketball world on blast with the victory over the Clippers. The Suns played with the same energy they started the season with, they shot the ball exceptionally well from 3-point range, they defended and rebounded as if their lives depended on it, and well, Devin Booker was a BAD man.

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The Phoenix Suns have all the tools, so why not us?

This is when the #WHYNOTUS feeling begins to make its way into the Suns’ universe. Fans across the Valley were expecting the Suns to come to the bubble ready to play and compete. However, like the rest of the NBA, the did not really see a way the Suns could sneak their way into the playoff picture. Now, with 5 games remaining, the Phoenix Suns playing arguably the best basketball in the NBA with that #WHYNOTUS attitude, and are fighting to get that sought-after 9-seed.

Every game is being played like an elimination game for Coach Monty Williams and his team and it really shows how they are built. If he has not already, Devin Booker just had his, “I am star” moment, and it really seems as though he is fully prepared to do whatever this team needs to win games.

As great as Booker has been, every player has played a role in this resurgence for the Suns and that is what makes it so special.

Mikal Bridges has been utterly phenomenal as well. The growth in his game is insane, and the passion with which he plays makes me excited to be a Suns fan. The play from Cameron Payne has been nothing short of fantastic. He is a skilled backup point guard who is not afraid of anybody and can help the Suns’ bench produce when they need to.

Then there is Ricky Rubio’s ability to lead and facilitate, Cam Johnson’s scoring when Booker and Ayton struggled with foul trouble, the list goes on and on.

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But overall, it is the fearlessness in which they play that has given us fans something to cheer for. The way this team goes out and plays as if their life depends on it every night is the type of play and energy we as fans love to see.

Suns’ players have the mindset they can compete with and beat any team in the league. They all think, “Why not us?” and it has been showing in the way they play. Most importantly, this team has given us fans something we have been looking for: hope.

It has been a struggle being a Suns fan (I wrote 60 reasons why it sucks to one), but in the chaotic world in which the Suns are playing basketball right now, they are giving us a sense of hope that has not been felt for some time now.

So, why not us? Suns fans believe in this team. They want nothing more to see Booker and his teammates tear up the rest of the bubble and shock the world. So, why not this team?


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