More than a scrimmage? The Phoenix Suns are walking the walk

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

While some might see their presence in the bubble as pointless, that has not stopped the Phoenix Suns from going all out.

Leading up to the three scrimmage games in Orlando, the Phoenix Suns had been one of the quietest teams on campus. Almost everything that was coming out was generic quotes about coming to win and taking it seriously. Through three games (albeit that don’t count), it looks like they meant what they said.

While every team has had players in and out of the lineup, it is still hard to ignore how the Suns have played in all three games, even the one they lost. While some players have certainly stood out (hello Mikal Bridges), the team as a whole, coaching included, has done a good job of backing up what they said.

The Phoenix Suns plan to make their bubble presence felt.

In the regular season, when Ricky Rubio either played under 20 minutes or did not play at all, the Phoenix Suns were 2-8. In their first scrimmage against the Utah Jazz, the Suns were able to win by 13 with both Rubio and Kelly Oubre missing the game. While the players deserve most of the credit, that is a testament to Monty Williams’ coaching and preparation for the games.

Up to this point, the player on the Phoenix Suns least synonymous with backing up what he says has been Deandre Ayton. While it was only a scrimmage, Ayton did back up his claim that he is ready to 3-pointers.

Through the three games, the former number one overall pick took and made two 3s, which is right on par for what most want him to do going forward.

Players like Cam Johnson and Dario Šarić have leaned more into their roles, while others like Bridges have found success while testing what he is capable of in a larger role. All of this has taken place while Devin Booker has had what would be considered a bad three-game stretch for him, which might be the most exciting part of it all.

While the Suns might not be in the bubble for the long haul, it appears that they are going to make their presence felt for as long as they can.

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