Phoenix Suns fire two assistant coaches in strange timing

The Phoenix Suns fired two assistant coaches, Steve Blake and Larry Greer, just before heading down to the Disney bubble.

We can only guess (with growing certainty) which players might not yet be in the Disney bubble, but we do know for sure assistant coaches Steve Blake and Larry Greer are not with the team, and it has nothing to do with COVID-19. They are no longer assistants with the team at all, as Monty Williams confirmed recently.

The coronavirus’s impact has been tremendous to millions of Americans’ jobs, many of whom were furloughed or lost their employment altogether, however, this does not seem to be fiscally driven.

In strange timing, the Phoenix Suns let two assistant coaches go.

My question is why? How? There’s been a several-month hiatus from basketball altogether. It makes me channel my inner Smokey and wonder, “How do you get fired on your day off?”

Of course, Monty Williams, being the consummate professional he is, had nothing but glowing remarks to say about the duo.

“What they brought (to the team), especially the first 65 games and laying the foundation for our team and our program was invaluable.”

However, also in classic Monty Williams-fashion, he kept the reason for their departure a mystery.

“The details of it all, I don’t want to get into. Organizations go through change and there are times where guys have to make decisions that are best for them and their families. It’s a tough loss to not have those guys, but those decisions have to be made and as a leader, I have to respect what’s best for the organization and what’s best for the individuals.”

Wait, so did they quit? No, they got fired. The coach-speak there makes it confusing.

I get that coaching changes in the NBA are a common occurrence, but the timing of letting Blake and Greer go is strange, at best. Why now?

There are only eight games left (granted under unusual circumstances), and you’d think if the Phoenix Suns plan to make a serious run at the playoffs, they’d want all resources available to them.

Blake and Green really had to mess something up.

Despite the odd timing, the Suns will be down two coaches and maybe at least two players when they retake the court, which has somehow snuck up on us. They will play their first scrimmage game this week.

Really. This week.

The Suns play the Jazz on Thursday and it will be televised on Fox Sports Arizona. Get excited.

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