Phoenix Suns: Don’t expect new Valley Boyz merch anytime soon

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Valley Boyz is the alter ego of the Phoenix Suns. The cool, tough, and fun side of the team that oozes confidence. However, there is a snag in its merch.

Kelly Oubre is awesome. Ever since the Phoenix Suns traded for him, he has added a much-needed boost of energy to this franchise (and has played some pretty good basketball too). It is easy to call out all the bad trades the Suns have made over the years, but swapping out an old, disgruntled Trevor Ariza for a young ball of excitement in Kelly Oubre is a severely underrated transaction. The Wizards got fleeced.

Not only has Oubre added immense personality to this team, but he has also given it an identity, complete with its own clothing line. The Valley Boyz pop-up store was only open for a few hours back before the season started, but the line for fans to gobble up those t-shirts and sweatshirts wrapped around the block.

With the release of his Dope Soul collection featuring a melting skull logo, many fans have been wondering when they might see another round of Valley Boyz merchandise hit the shelves. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not anytime soon.

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Valley Boyz LLC is being held up in court, according to the Phoenix Suns’ Kelly Oubre.

Oubre responded to a fan on Twitter and answered that very question:

"“Talk to the person who’s holding up my ValleyBoyz LLC. For selfish personal reasons. I’m simply trying to bring our community closer together and he’s battling me in court because he sees our fans as a cash come up. So there’s the story on why I haven’t dropped any merch lately.”"

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Apparently, someone else is trying to cash in on the Valley Boyz moniker, and presumably, there is a copyright dispute over the name of the LLC.

For a long time, I have always thought this might be an issue because when you Google “Valley Boyz” it takes you to a clothing website that is definitely not Kelly Oubre’s.

Interestingly enough, the same thing happens when you Google “Dope Soul”, so Oubre might be dealing with multiple brand name overlaps.

Oubre subsequently tweeted out his desire to start a Valley Boyz and Girls club, focusing on the Valley’s youth. He asked for help from the community on how to get it started, so clearly this project is in its early conceptual phase at this point.

Back to Valley Boyz clothing, Oubre recently sent out a picture of some cool-looking Valley Boyz paraphernalia. It was Mickey Mouse’s gloved hand throwing up the Valley Boyz hand sign. If I was in the Disney bubble, that might be the only shirt I ever put on.

For music lovers, Oubre also put together a Valley Boyz playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music with some of the beats he’ll be jamming to while in the bubble.

Even without an overpriced hoodie, there is no taking away Valley Boyz culture from the Phoenix Suns. Oubre has done more than any player in recent history to change the vibe of this team single-handedly. It is only a matter of time before it translates into more wins.

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