Oubre or no Oubre: For the Phoenix Suns, that is the question

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

So…do we ACTUALLY know Kelly Oubre‘s status for the Phoenix Suns in Orlando?

The season is very close now (just 17 days left!) and the Phoenix Suns are in the Orlando bubble. One of the players there is a certain Kelly Oubre, who has himself quite the setup in the wonderful land where dreams come true.

Now this is all well and good (I for one am happy that Oubre is with the team in any capacity) but will he play though?

THAT is the big question. Here’s what we know (It’s a short list.)

Well that stinks: Kelly Oubre will not play for the Phoenix Suns at Disney. light. Related Story

It is clear that he is there and judging by Phoenix Suns social media posts, is practicing. Let’s also not forget the words of James Jones last week concerning Oubre’s availability. The hope-dare I say expectation is that he will be able to suit up and resume the season alongside the rest of the team.

However, no official word has come out on this-not from Oubre, not from the Suns, not from any teammates, no one. That at least makes it something interesting to ponder over. I’ve written about Oubre’s potential absence/impact more than a few times already, so I will spare y’all the deja vu by not going down that well yet again.

Yet, if Oubre is available to play, then the hope in the Suns competing against the already long odds for a playoff spot don’t seem quite as crazy (I mean, they are some steep odds, but still.) Honestly, it feels as if the Suns might be playing it by ear, or maybe they are fairly confident he will be able to suit up but don’t want to show their hand. That’s what it could be! Maybe this is all some great gamesmanship from the Phoenix Suns side to keep the opponents guessing!

(And, by extension, ourselves as well)

I don’t know. I think all Suns fans share the same thought as I in that we just want to know. The season is just a few weeks away and we are just chomping at the bit. Oubre, any confirmation from the horse’s mouth would come in mighty helpful right about now.

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