Phoenix Suns: Ranking 6 experiments we might see at Disney

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

#1 Ayton shooting 3s

I’ve already waxed poetic about how Ayton hinted that he wanted to shoot 3s and he might finally embrace this desire. And the more I think about it, the more excited I become about this prospect.

I’ve evolved a lot on this topic since the first time he made it sound like it was a real possibility before the season started, and I’d love to see Ayton put up two or three deep balls a game at Disney.

If Ayton can become a consistent 3-point shooter, Phoenix Suns might finally forget about the fact Karl-Anthony Towns isn’t walking through that door. One of the reasons Towns is so admired is because of his uncanny outside marksmanship for his position. If Ayton hits the trey like he does his middy, then watch out.

With all due respect to Aron Baynes’ newfound accuracy from behind the arc, if he can do with the shooting form of an awkward old dude at the YMCA, then Ayton can surely can.

Of all the new experiments we are likely to see at Disney, this one is already making me smile. Of course, I reserve the right to immediately frown and complain he isn’t dunking on people’s faces after he misses his first five 3s, but we’ll write that post when we get there.

For now, let’s get excited.

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