Phoenix Suns: Ranking 6 experiments we might see at Disney

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#4 Payne and Carter sharing the backcourt

Speaking of the Phoenix Suns’ newest backcourt arrival, one of the experiments Rankin posits is who pairs up with him as the backup shooting guard when both Booker and Rubio are on the bench.

This takes me back to the under-discussed issue I raised in the point Booker section that the Suns don’t have a backup shooting guard. They just don’t.

Carter has shot the ball much better than advertised this season, ranking second on the team with 39.3 percent from behind the arc. To the Bulldog’s credit, I’m not sure what else he can really do to prove himself besides grow and morph into a more athletic body.

As well as he has shot the ball this season, he is baseline limited, as it is very difficult to be a successful NBA shooting guard at 6’1″. Carter is a natural point guard, so forcing him into the two does not set him up for success, regardless of who is running the point at the time (even though I’m sure he ain’t scared to give it a try).

It remains to be seen if Cam Payne can resurrect his NBA career with the Phoenix Suns, but when he is in, Devin Booker should be too. In order for the Suns to excel, either Booker or Rubio needs to be in at all times. Providing Payne limited scoring options to pass to when he is in is not going to give him the confidence he needs to be successful in the league.