Phoenix Suns: Devin Booker spotted cruising with Kendall Jenner over July 4th weekend

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images) /

Phoenix Suns All-Star, Devin Booker, was seen yet again with Kendall Jenner, this time riding around Paradise Valley in a classic Chevy Impala convertible.

Another holiday weekend, another Devin Booker-Kendall Jenner rendezvous in an extremely nice vehicle. The Phoenix Suns All-Star and international icon first made waves around the celebrity gossip community when they were seen making a road trip up to Sedona in a Maybach shortly after the NBA hiatus began.

This was somewhat of a big deal because it was the first time the two had been seen publically together in a way that made them look like a couple.

Then, over Memorial Day weekend, Booker made a trip to Los Angles and the two were seen riding around in a Mercedes Benz G-Class, with Jenner behind the wheel.

Phoenix Suns star was seen cruising with Kendall Jenner yet again.

The 4th of July weekend provided another opportunity for the two to get together, and they took advantage. Booker and Jenner were seen riding around Paradise Valley with the top down in an old-school Chevy Impala convertible.

I’m not an ole cars-man, but after a brief Google session, this looks like it could be a 1963 Impala, but I’m sure a more clever Internet sleuth will correct me if I’m wrong.

While Booker and Jenner tried to be somewhat covert during their previous trips together, the two did not seem to be too concerned about being spotted, as they were far from inconspicuous driving around with the top down in an antique car.

Booker didn’t even bother wearing sunglasses, which, aside from their knack for helping conceal identity, are typically pretty useful while driving around in an Arizona summer.

Some people will likely take this picture and run wild with speculation. I stand by my stance that they are grown adults of whom I have no business knowing (or caring about) their romantic relationship.

However, I would be curious when next season kicks back up and if and when fans are allowed, if Phoenix Suns fans would see Kendall Jenner sitting courtside for a few games. The renovated Talking Stick Resort arena could use some star power.

The two better get their time in together now because Booker leaves for the Disney bubble soon and won’t be coming back until at least mid-August. Yep, that means we can talk about actual basketball again instead of celebrities girlfriends and nice cars.

Looking forward to that.

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