Phoenix Suns: New York Post thinks Knicks will target Booker

Phoenix Suns (NEW YORK DAILIES OUT) Devin Booker
Phoenix Suns (NEW YORK DAILIES OUT) Devin Booker /

The Phoenix Suns won’t be trading Devin Booker anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop media from desperate teams from dreaming.

The New York Post celebrated the 4th of July by trolling the Phoenix Suns. In a mailbag article, the writer postured new Knicks president, Leon Rose, could target Devin Booker in a trade to get him to New York.

The Post didn’t call out any specific proposals. At least when the Bleacher Report dangled Booker trade talk out there, they took the time to use an online trade machine. It was a crappy trade, but still, they tried.

The New York Post thinks the Phoenix Suns might trade Booker.

The Post simply based everything on the very superficial rationale that Leon Rose used to be Booker’s agent, and because of their good relationship, Booker complemented Rose.

Specifically, Booker said:

"“I think he’ll do unbelievable. One of the most genuine guys I know. One of the most honest guys I know. So I’m happy for him in his new position. I think the Knicks are in really good hands.”"

There is also a connection between New York Knicks advisor, William Wesley (AKA World Wide Wes), because of Wes’s affinity with Kentucky and their head coach, John Calipari.

So all this hoopla comes down to this: The new Knicks president knows Booker well. So does another guy within the organization. Booker likes them too. And the Knicks suck, so they could use a superstar.

The problem is these criteria apply to lots of players, as Rose represented many stars and Kentucky has more players in the league than any other college.

Actually, the Post mentioned others too. Specifically, they called out Karl-Anthony Towns as a potential target for those exact same reasons. They did point out, however, that if the Knicks hire Tom Thibodeau, Towns wouldn’t be an option because those two don’t exactly get along after Thibodeau’s rough stretch in Minnesota.

Regardless, there is nothing to this Booker talk. Relax. Go enjoy your barbeque with your family and watch fireworks videos on YouTube.

There are no fireworks to be seen here.

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