The Phoenix Suns will be staying at the Yacht Club…let’s do some digging

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

We now know where the Phoenix Suns will be staying when they aren’t playing high stake games at the wonderful world of Disney.

Welcome to breaking NBA news in July. On Tuesday afternoon, Sham Sharania “broke” the hotel list of every NBA team that will be presumably playing in the Orlando Bubble. It was the news that Phoenix Suns fans deserve; but not the news they needed. Sorry, I think I was going “dark night” there. OK, long story short the Suns will be staying at the Yacht Club resort in Disney World as they fight desperately for a playoff spot; potentially their first appearance in 10 years. I couldn’t think of a better place to stay while going to battle every other night.

I understand this news might bring some questions. What is this place? Why do they call it the Yacht Club? Will Mickey Mouse be there? Well, wonder no more, I’ve done some research on the subject, and I am excited to share it with you. Also…I don’t think I can answer that last question.

It may not be the Gran Destino or the Grand Floridian, but for the Phoenix Suns, the Yacht Club will do just fine.

Disney’s Yacht Club first opened almost 30 years ago, on November 5th, 1990. It is an upscale spot, stationed right next to a lagoon and some three miles from Walt Disney World and just 12 minutes away from ESPN’s Wide World of Sports.

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It has everything you would expect of a decent establishment associated with Disney. The free Wi-Fi, TVs, and complimentary shuttles to and from the park are a standard feature. Suns players with young children will enjoy the pool and waterslide, and one can imagine that the spa and fitness club will be put to good use. There is easy access from the resort to the best in fine dining, including a well-reviewed steakhouse that holds its namesake.

I went a little deeper and found on Google that the Yacht Club has an excellent 4.7/5 rating and a plethora of positive comments ranging from the quality of the food to the space of the rooms to the wonderful walking spaces. There was a comment complaining of how the vegan sausage didn’t blend well with the tomato sauce used in one of the pasta dishes, so there’s a chance that a Phoenix Suns culinary connoisseur could possibly be disappointed with the lack of subtly in the melding of flavors. However, aside from that, I could only find rave reviews.

By all accounts, the Yacht Club will be the perfect home base for the Phoenix Suns to attempt to shock the world and extend their stay at Disney World with a trip to the playoffs. Sure, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton will have to use their vacation time to reside at the Gran Destino or the Grand Floridian. However, that isn’t a worry in the slightest. There is a lot to do at Disney World already for Phoenix, and rest assured, if the Suns do indeed see postseason action, the hotel that they will be staying at will be the last thing on anyone’s minds.

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