10 best players the Phoenix Suns could sign for Disney

Phoenix Suns, Gerald Green (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Gerald Green (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Phoenix Suns,
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When the transaction window opens, the Phoenix Suns will have an open roster spot to which they could sign an extra player for Disney. Who is available?

The Phoenix Suns have one open roster spot and one open two-way contract to which they could sign a free agent to join them in Orlando when the NBA resumes its season. Should they sign someone when the transaction window opens June 22 and if so, who is available?

I recently pontificated on whether it was wise for James Jones to add a new player to the team for this short spurt of games, and ultimately decided they may be better off just rolling with who they’ve got.

However, adding a player that could help the team isn’t the craziest of notions. After all, they will likely need to at least go 6-2, if not sweep every game at 8-0 to have a chance to make the play-in game.

Specifically, adding someone who can provide scoring off the bench could really help their chances. The Phoenix Suns ranked 27th in the league in bench scoring this season with a paltry 30.1 points per contest.

To be fair, many games featured an array of injured players, some of which were traditional starters, so guys who would normally come off the bench were forced into starting roles, thus skewing this stat.

But having an extra body who can come in and put up points would definitely help, especially with the tight timeline. The Suns will play eight games in 16 days, considering the regular season resumes July 30 and only go until August 14.

The problem is who is out there that would be willing to sign with the Suns and not a team with a better chance to make a title run? In the era of so much player control over their destinations, quality free agents may not choose the team with the worst chances of advancing.

With that caveat, let’s roll through the 10 best available: