Phoenix Suns: How playing without fans may affect 3 star players

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images) /
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Ricky Rubio, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Ricky Rubio, Phoenix Suns (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Ricky Rubio

Never too high. Never too low. I have mixed feelings on the Spanish Maestro’s mantra, but for better or worse, he lives and dies by it. After big wins, he often keeps the same demeanor he does after devastating losses.

In this way, Rubio’s stoic persona is the anthesis of Kelly Oubre. While Tsunami Papi thrives on energy and emotion, Rubio is at his best when he’s cool, calm, and collected. Not having a crowd to pump energy and emotion into the arena may actually be a net-positive for Rubio.

That’s not to say Rubio doesn’t get worked up. One of the greater sources of levity during the games this season was hearing Rubio’s high-pitched voice shriek in disapproval after a missed call.

In Disney, without loud fans drowning out voices on the court, not only will the television audience be able to hear these moments much clearer, but his teammates will be better able to hear their floor general better during the game.

In many ways, Rubio has been the MVP of the Phoenix Suns this season and with a calm environment to match his mellow personality, he may take his game to the next level for these final eight games, which will be needed if the Phoenix Suns plan on shocking the world.

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