The young Phoenix Suns are playing for the young fans

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Phoenix Suns should use this opportunity in Disney to win over the younger generation whose attention they will undoubtedly have.

No one is giving the Phoenix Suns a chance to make the playoffs when the NBA resumes in the humid climate of summer in Orlando. Just like Disney World is typically meant for youngsters, the Suns should use this opportunity to play for these young fans and inspire a generation of kids who have never seen their team in the playoffs.

To dismiss a Phoenix Suns team so quickly after being granted a wish that most Suns fans probably gave a less than 10 percent chance of happening is expected. After all, no one is giving them much of a chance to play any more than the eight games they are guaranteed.

But don’t expect the Suns to be able to use this doubt as much of a motivation for the remainder of the season. What motivation they had early on was quickly lost due to an endless list of reasons and the Suns were unable to get over the hump this year to grab a playoff spot.

The Phoenix Suns are playing for their younger fans.

Getting over the hump like the Dallas Mavericks this year or how the Minnesota Timberwolves did last year (who then rolled back the wrong way this year) is the well-deserved accomplishment the Phoenix fan base hoped for this year or next.

Even if this might seem to be a short cut, this invite to Disney is still a win-win situation. The next generation of Suns fans can watch and experience Phoenix Suns basketball that means something.

A ten-year playoff drought. There it is again. Repeated over and over again until Mom screams, “Let’s just make it 20 years!” But what kid would argue with that? They seriously don’t know any better because they haven’t seen it. “Kids these days” have not gotten to experience the city of Phoenix when the Suns are in the playoffs and the going gets really good.

Even just a taste of evidence that we might have a future winner in Phoenix once again is enough to huddle around the cheapest 60” flat screen you could find at Wal-Mart to watch a Suns game that means something. The young Suns fan will have a chance to grow with this team starting July 31st, at Disney World, no less.

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